Quick Hits: 10/22

A day off between games as the Wings work to complete their blistering October schedule of playing on Thursdays and Saturdays.  Ducks tomorrow, but tonight we dine in hell... or something.  Let's take a look around the league, so you'll stop looking at me like that.

Red Wings News / Notes:

Game #6 - Red Wings vs. Flames: I told you Tyler was coming back and he did.  Either I'm psychic, or he's good at keeping promises.  I hope it's the 2nd thing. [The Triple Deke]

Life as a 4th Seed: Disch been drankin' my Kool-Aid, yo. [The Production Line]

Hockeytown Loggers: Jeff's take on the game last night features some dream-haunting photoshop work and the phrase "logging the load".  There's nothing not to like here. [Brendan Smithsonian Institution]

When good things happen to great people - an H2H follow up story: Amazing story from Mike Serven.  I can't give this story justice with a short description.  Go read it [@mserven]

Red Wings 4, Flames 2: Post Game Snipes: Kris' perspective from in the stands is different than the standard recap.  Love the line about all the pink in the stands and Homer doing laundry [Snipe Snipe Dangle Dangle]

Elsewhere around the League:

Rick Rypien Suspended Six Games for Grabbing Minnesota Fan: The Overlord's main page has the news and the release from the league.  Rypien will be back in time to play against Detroit in Vancouver on November 6th.  Whether they'd let him is another question.  Also, be sure to visit Nucks Misconduct and Hockey Wilderness for the opposing homers' viewpoints [SB Nation Hockey]

Jeremy Roenick Leads The Class As USA Hockey Adds Five To Hall Of Fame: No words yet on how many tears Roenick shed about it.  Derian Hatcher also made it in, as well as Brian Burke.  [Main Page]

Phoenix Phail: Sets New Attendance Record at 38.3%: Brendan from NOHS talks briefly about the 6,700 people that showed up in the desert for last night's Coyotes game.  Jokes aside, this is ridiculous. Compare this to Columbus' recent four-digit turnout or other low turnouts in Tampa Bay and Atlanta if you want, but only one team mentioned is building off the momentum of a playoff run. [Nightmare on Helm Street]

Behind Alexander Radulov's secret contract extension in the KHL: Dmitry Chesnokov is another contributor at Puck Daddy who consistently brings fantastic stuff.  This time, he clears up a misconception about the recent Radulov extension and discovers that the worry of an NHL lockout in 2012 helped his decision to stay in the Russian league [Puck Daddy]

Oilers Will be First Canadian NHL Team to Get Cheerleaders: Fans in Edmonton gotta have something interesting to look at , I guess.  All part of their plan to make their fans feel like they belong to the Oilers, by extending Edmonton's marital problem-causing beyond the players [TSN.CA}

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