Quick pair of goals gives Wings a 4-1 win

Left fooooooot....GREEN!

Hope you were paying attention at the start of the game as the Red Wings got off to a very solid start with two quick goals.

Tomas Holmstrom deflected a Pavel Datsyuk shot past Martin Brodeur that rang off the post, back out and hit off Brodeur's back and into the net with only :28 elapsed in the game. Todd Bertuzzi sprang Dan Cleary up the ice to Brodeur's left and Cleary unleashed a wrist shot that hit off the far post and gave the Red Wings a 2-0 lead early in the game.

Henrik Zetterberg scored on a rebound at 11:37 of the second period to give Detroit a 3-0 lead. The play started when Pavel Datsyuk forced a turnover and Hank put an initial shot on Brodeur. Brodeur blocked it, Holmstrom followed and then Zetterberg finished it off. Niklas Kronwall took a penalty early in the third period and with New Jersey on the powerplay, Patrick Elias got the Devils on the board. 

Zetterberg chased a puck down in the corner at about the midway point of the third period and backhanded a pass to Datsyuk. Datsyuk had to do very little to get it by Brodeur and give the Red Wings a 4-1 lead. Chris Osgood stopped 33 of 34 shots en route to career victory 399.

The Red Wings win their second straight game and now have 41 points on the year, taking points in 75% of their games played.

Analysis after the jump.

  • First off, hats off to Chris Osgood after a very solid performance. He was sharp tonight (as he was against LA) and maybe he's back to his old form. He had some great saves and was helped out by his defense a few times as well. It was a great win to get Osgood's confidence up hopefully, even if it was against a struggling team. 
  • Well, I don't think you could ask for a start much better than that could you? A goal from Homer and Buckets before Kovalchuk made his first $2500 of the game (he makes about $1,220 a minute) followed by a successful PK and some great saves by Osgood combined with a good awareness play by Lidstrom.
  • The Wings played pretty well in the first period and although the shots were in favor of New Jersey, Detroit dominated the period in possession it seemed. 
  • What the hell was that "fight" between Ericsson and Clarkson? Looked more like a jersey stretching competition. Results will be in as soon as the tailor gets back.
  • On that chance that Bert couldn't finish at like the 11 or 12 minute mark of the 2nd period, Franzen should have shot that. With Bert going to the net there's a good chance that a shot on net produces a rebound in that vicinity. But that's just me being picky.
  • Horrible clearing attempt that lead to the puck staying in the zone and eventually Elias' goal. That being said, I thought the PK could have pressed a little more before the shot. 
  • Great hustle by Hank getting to that puck in the corner and as usual he showed great awareness with a pass right on Pavel's tape. I'd take a Eurotwins combo over any other combo in the NHL.
  • Another solid game from Jonathan Ericsson tonight. I don't know what clicked for him but I'm sure glad it did. Yeah, he had an interference call that he probably shouldn't have taken but it didn't hurt the Wings. 
  • Pretty solid job by the PK tonight, despite the one goal allowed. They did a good job of breaking up passes or clearing the zone or keeping shots to the perimeter. 
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