Best sweaters in the NHL?

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 25: Mikael Granlund, drafted eighth overall by the Minnesota Wild, poses for a portrait during the 2010 NHL Entry Draft at Staples Center on June 25, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

I thought this would be a fun little bit for the summer. I've always been a big fan of the aesthetic aspect of sports and it's interesting to watch how often some teams change their uniforms while others remain steadfast in the originals. Sometimes it's fun to watch a crowd and see the

So here's the prompt, other than the Red Wings and Blackhawks (the two best uniforms in all of sports in my opinion), what are your top 10 sweaters from around the NHL? You can select the same team more than once (i.e.: home, away, third, etc.) if you want but try to refrain from the retro jerseys unless that team currently wears them on a consistent basis. Comment away below with your list and include pictures/links if you want.

1. Minnesota Wild script "Minnesota" third jersey: As you can guess by the photo heading the post, this one is my favorite outside of the Red Wings and Blackhawks unis. The script is almost perfect in terms of not being too minimal or not too extravagant and the green and...wheat?...are an excellent combination. Very slick in my book.

2. Vancouver Canucks home blue jersey
: this jersey does an excellent job of blending the modern with the old as the original blue and green are implemented into the design with the C-shaped whale breaking out of the ice. The arched "Vancouver" is a nice touch too. As long as they don't come near the atrocious gradient jersey of the early 2000s.

3. Montreal Canadiens home red jersey:
a long time classic, the jersey has remained virtually unchanged since the team's beginning in the early 1900s. The C&H logo within the stripe is iconic and some of the best players to ever play the game have donned the red Canadiens jersey.

4. Toronto Maple Leafs home blue jersey
: like their Canadian rivals, the Leafs haven't changed their design since the late 1920s. The solid blue looks pretty smooth while the leaf that represents Canada takes center stage.

5. Dallas Stars home black jersey:
Some people aren't fans of the NBA-esque number on the front of the jersey but I think the centering on this one makes it work better than those of San Jose or Tampa Bay. It's a unique look while remaining pretty simple and clean.

6. Boston Bruins home black alternate jersey: one of the better alternate jerseys is found in Boston. It's clean and simple while maintaining the team's original colors and showing more of the "mascot" aspect. And it's much better than this version.

7. Philadelphia Flyers throwback orange jersey
: It may look a bit like Halloween but it's still a pretty nice jersey. The white name plate on the back is a neat feature in addition to the solid orange jersey.

8. Minnesota Wild
red home jersey: keeping with the "looking a bit like a holiday" theme, the Wild's home reds have evolved nicely from the third jersey to the team's primary home jersey. The circular crest with the head is nicely done and a few other jerseys have adopted that style (St. Louis, Florida). The jersey overall looks clean and classic, after shedding the tattered numbering of the original white and green home jerseys.

9. Buffalo Sabres blue alternate home jersey:
This is a throwback to the pre-Buffaslug logo but updates the originally bright blue with a darker navy blue. These are actually going to be the home jerseys for Buffalo next year and the league rejoices.

10. New York Rangers blue home jersey:
the jersey spawned the nickname for the team as "the blueshirts" because of the longstanding (1926) usage of the blue sweater with "Rangers" scrawled diagonally across the sweater.

So there you go. Take a crack at it

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