the Garbage Squad

I had this on my own blog, which I quickly decided I didn't really have all that much time for.  But it is an awesome topic because everyone will have an opinion.  The red wings have obviously had great success the last twenty years so I thought it would be fun to pick the worst red wings in my lifetime (i.e., the last 27 years).  You may think this would be hard with all of the awards this team has won but without further adieu...

(hopefully this "copy and pasted" correctly)

Left Wing
Marian Hossa (2008-2009)

Why he disgusts us: Marian Hossa played one spectacular regular season for the Detroit Red Wings.  Unfortunately, there are still "missing person" flyers hanging on the lamp posts in Detroit from the 2009 post-season.  He then jumped ship again to a division rival and won a Stanley cup with Blackhawks while posting one less goal in the playoffs than Valtteri Filppula and playing in twice as many games proving that he was well worth his contract.

Possibly redeeming: Devoted the next 10 years to destroying Chicago's cap situation.  When he left, he took Tomas Kopecky with him.

Right Wing
Jason Williams (2000-2007, 2009-2010)

Why he disgusts us:  While proving to be quite valuable as Igor Larionov's replacement (while Igor was injured) during the 2002 cup run, he has mainly been an utter disappointment.  His wrist was supposedly unparalleled.  During games his wrist shot was atrocious.  He was credited with zero points in the 2010 playoffs, unless of course you count his assist on Patrick Marleau's overtime goal.  Other than being lazy, unenthused, and untalented, he wasn't so bad.

Possibly redeeming: Was dealt for Kyle Calder in what was possibly the most evenly useless trade in NHL history.

Tomas Kopecky (2005-2009)       

I can't wait to be your second line center, Chicago
Why he disgusts us:  Bolted from Detroit for the promised riches of the Blackhawks.  Despite being 6'3" and over 200 pounds, he showed you can be useless even with an athletic body type.  Our lasting memory of him will be the time he used his face to viscously attack Francois Beauchemin's fists.

Possibly redeeming:  He and Marian Hossa are currently on a mission to destroy Chicago's chances of winning another Stanley cup by eating cap space.

Uwe Krupp (1998-2002)

Why he disgusts us:  Signed a hefty contract and then proceeded to play less than 50 games in 4 years due to a back injury.  Was then found on a dog racing excursion.  Still managed to sneak into two playoff games in 2002 while posting a +/– of -5.  Still got that cup though.

Possibly redeeming:  Showed healthy backs aren't needed for dog sled racing.

Dmitri Mironov (1998)

Why he disgusts us:  Was there any player for the wings over the last 20 years that was so forgettable?  After arriving after the trade deadline in 1998, he showed up just in time to win a Stanley cup. 

Possibly redeeming: Gave hope to hundreds of mediocre defensemen that they too could win a championship.

Manny (Emmanuel) Legace (2000-2006)

Why he disgusts us:  Arguably, the best back up goalie in NHL history.  This apparently doesn't translate to starting goalie success.  Despite being on a talent-loaded 2006 Red Wings team, he managed to screw it up and give up several weak goals to a vastly inferior Oilers team.  He ruined Steve Yzerman's final year.  Some may say that Curtis Joseph should belong here, but I disagree.  Joseph couldn't be blamed for the loss to Calgary in 2004 and was only partially responsible for the 2003 debacle.

Possibly redeeming:  Instead of throwing temper tantrums when he fails, he simply pouts and leaves us alone.

Backup Goalie:
Bob Essensa (1994):  He was brought in via trade to solve the Red Wings goal tender issues.  He played in two playoff games and won as many as the last 5 people to read this blog.  Unless Manny Legace is a reader.  Then he won two less.

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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