Quick Hits: This Ain't No Place For A Nervous Person

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Hockeytown, No Limits

Nick on Sports: Mickey Redmond Soundboard
From Nick: ":If you do not think this is the greatest thing ever, I probably don't like you."  Well Nick, I think it's safe to say that you like me and J.J.  But probably not Graham.  I'm sure Graham likes the soundboard, but come on, do any of us really like Graham?  (The Answer is No.)  Also, I'm a little disappointed Fox Sports Detroit didn't include Bingo Bango or It Ain't No Place for a Nervous Person to the soundboard.

Opponents, to Red Wings: Psst, that Nicklas Lidstrom guy? Still phenomenal | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
The Perfect Human is on pace for almost 40 goals this season.  If he can't have a few more two goal games, he could end up with a goal for each year of his life....and a 8th Norris Trophy.  The man can do no wrong.

Episode 3 is up. It's titled "One Timer."

Tale of the Tape: Playing the Tendencies " The Production Line - TP:60
A nice breakdown of Henrik Zetterberg's positioning and what you may not have seen during the set up of Nick Lidstrom's goal Tuesday night against Colorado.

Holmstrom moving his way up the forward lines | Red Wings Front
If you go to the net, you usually get rewarded.


Around the League

David Caruso Meme : Patrick Kanerized | Off the Stanchion
J.J. loves this.  And no, it's not a way to photoshop yourself into a picture of someone beating up a cab driver.

NHL on TSN Quiz: Should Nash ask Blue Jackets for a trade?
Yes... he absolutely should.  And he should request a trade to the Red Wings.  

Pass or Fail: Flyers’ controversial stall tactic vs. Lightning trap - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Boo hoo the Lightning played the trap.  Nice work by the Flyers to just hang back and then whine about the Lightning.  Does the trap suck and create boring hockey?  Yes, yes it does.  But it's a strategy that has worked before and it helped Tampa get to the conference finals last year.  Philly should stop crying, attack the trap, score a few goals, and force them to play a different way.  It's hockey gentlemen, act like men.

The NHL's Most Interesting Name: Wrapping up the 1960s - Arctic Ice Hockey
We wrap up the 1960s installment of the NHL's Most Interesting Name.

We Make Fun Of Ken Hitchcock Because We Care - St. Louis Game Time
Ok, this shit is funny


Discussion:  It's a two-part topic.  If Nash really did want out of Columbus, what would you give up for the young power forward?  And while we are on the topic of trades, the Red Wings have just over $5.5M in cap space, who do you see as a realistic trade option as the deadline nears?  Nash probably won't be a real option, but what about a guy like Daniel Alfredsson?

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