Quick Hits: California Here We Come

Yeah...About Last Night (and other Red Wings' links)

KuklasKorner : Abel to Yzerman : Return Of The Suck
The Chief is not happy with the Return of The Suck and he's especially not happy with two of the Wings' top players.

But there’s Loss Candy! " The Production Line - TP:60
After last night's ugly affair, thank goodness we've got some loss candy over at TPL.

Paging Mr. Shanahan: Kronwall gets Kronwall’d | ProHockeyTalk
I would't quite say Kronwall was "Kronwalled," but Shanny will definitely be reviewing the tape of last night's hit.

Red Wings' Niklas Kronwall fortunate to avoid serious injury after check from behind | MLive.com
Us Red Wings' fans are fortunate too. As much as I want to see Smith play, losing White AND Kronwall is a big hit to this teams' defense.

Brendan Smith stays with Red Wings for remainder of road trip | MLive.com
Kronwall returned to last night's game, but who knows how it will impact him the rest of the road trip in California.  Smith will stick around as insurance.  If he does play, let's hope it's when the team returns home (and I'm in attendance at my only game of the year) next Wednesday.

Smith's California-Bound and Ready for NHL Debut - The Wheel Deal Blog
Hey look! Another Brendan Smith link! 

Detroit Fans Don't Know Goaltending" | Nightmare on Helm Street
Jimmy Howard is Elite. (JJ)


Around the NHL

Slick Hands Video - NHL VideoCenter
Matt Duchene and the goal of the year?

Report: Maple Leafs reach out to 36-year-old Marty Turco - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Really sad to see this report refuted. It would have been awesome to see Turco wearing a Maple Leaf logo and giving up a million goals because he's terrible now. (JJ)

NHL GMs discuss goalie safety after Milan Lucic-Ryan Miller hit - NHL - SI.com
Goaltender safety was a top issue discussed at yesterday's general manager meetings.  According to some reports, two-thirds oft he GMs want to see a player suspended if a Lucic/Miller type play happens again.

Shanahan Found Balance In Milan Lucic Decision - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Lucic intentionally hit a goalie at full-speed... but at least he didn't try to hurt him! [waaaaaank]. (JJ)

Avalanche at Penguins Recap: Avalanche start strong, finish much-less-than-strong and lose 6-3 - Mile High Hockey
If anything can make me feel better, it's that at least the Wings didn't fall completely apart like the Avalanche did last night. Holy hell, what a shitty team. (JJ)


DISCUSSION: Hopefully last night's game was an isolated incident and did not foreshadow things to come on the west coast road trip. Thursday night in San Jose will be tough, the Kings are much better talent-wise than they were last season, and Anaheim sucks this year but it's a second night day of a back-to-back and the last contest on the road trip.  How do you think the Wings will fair in their next three games?

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