I'm still proud to be a Wings fan.




I thought I'd go ahead and write a little something.  Call it... therapy if you will.  I think we all need it right about now.  We all know how last night went down.  There are many people that we could blame.  But, let's take a look at the positives overall and you'll see what I'm talking about when I say I'm still proud to be a Wings fan.  Sorry ahead of time if it comes across a little scatterbrained.

First of all, DAMN... did we come out of the gate or what?  Both in the season and last night.  Sure, that momentum died down.... it always does against the Minnesota... what are they again???  Wild?  More like a snooze fest to me.  Their brand of hockey is NOT exciting.  Sometimes, even the blind squirrel finds a win.

Second, when the penalties came, we were able to absolutely control what was going on and kill them off.  Never mind about the last one.  It happens... we shouldn't have been in that situation, but why stew on something we can't change.  Just think about how many penalties TPH has had called on him this year... 4 minutes... That should be zero.  Not an excuse, just saying reffing has been uberlame/turrible this year.

Third, Helm is a beast... I still can't believe he can do what he does.  The kid has a grinder sort of nature, but a nose for the net.  I can't wait to see the day that he breaks out and scores more than just a handful of goals.  His play this season so far has been even more improved from last year.

Fourth, and this is super important IMO.  Jimmy... Tiberius... Jimbo... Jimmeh!... whatever you choose to call him.  He's been absolutely nothing short of amazing.  Howard is entering his prime and desperately trying to rack up those wins and go down as one of the best RedWing netminders.  There's been no lack of trying on his part this season.

Fifth, I may be alone on this, but I think our defense has NOT been as bad this year as some would like to make it out to be.  When the offense isn't scoring, they have clamped down a bit more and not allowed much.  In fact, I believe it's the new players and fluke plays/deflections that have cost us the most.  The puck luck just isn't there, but it will come.  It found us in the beginning and it WILL return.

Sixth, I still believe Five for Five is absolutely possible.  TPH is playing amazing and doing his best to lead this team.  All teams slump.  Last year we slumped multiple times.  They can handle this.  It's not unfamiliar territory for the older guys on the team.  This is where I just have to believe in their amazing work ethic, their excellent training, and the coaches.

Not everyone is playing perfect... everything is cyclical.  History always repeats itself, just not always in the order we like or prefer.  The world did not end last night.(promise!)  There is still a TON of games left to play.  We have the talent.  We're due to break out... it's just a matter of when.  I'm still proud of these guys, I still think they can do what we all know they can do.  Today is another day they will practice...Tomorrow they will come back out swinging...The W's will return and with it our sanity.  Just breathe... relax.

Anyway.. with all that said, feel free to use the rest of this space for therapy and reasons you are still proud to be a fan.  We don't have a bandwagon in Hockeytown like other places.  Feel free to post Futurama, Spaceballs, or anything that makes you happy.  Just for good measure, feel free to post anteaters, belle tires, and any other good mojo you find on the internets.  Couldn't hurt, right?

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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