Scumrefs Support NHL Dislike of Red Wing Organization

The franchise is not what the NHL want.  No goons.  Puck control.  Great passing.  This is not going to sell long term in the view of the NHL. 

Go back to the phantom 5 on 3's given to the Penguins in the finals.  The edict to remove Holmstrom from the game itself on bogus trumped up calls and penalties and the encouragement of mugging of him without calls.  Watch the refs smirk while he is getting tackled, punched, cross-checked and gooned constantly when he is not even in the crease.  It is obviously a high level decision and someone WILL get to the bottom of it.  The trouble is, there will be many good goals disallowed and many fake interference calls made and perhaps Holmstrolm will be in a wheel chair before the public finds the truth.

The uproar last year in the playoffs against the Sharks speaks for itself.  Diving, unsportsmanlike behaviour by the NHL's latest hopeful for a cup win......("Good for the League" $$$$$$$) were rewarded by calling a half dozen phoney penalties in a row against the cleanest team in the league.)  The smirks and smiles and empty rhetoric by the scumrefs and their puppet masters only satisfied the owners who want the Wing style of play to come to an end.

The way Devon........known better as "douche" allowed and encouraged to snow Howard, interfere, dive and basically disgrace the great game of hockey by the scumrefs and their fat cat bosses is well understood in the hockey world although you won't read about it by the newspapers and NHL propagandists who promote this in order to satisfy some sick notion that there is more profit for the fat cat owners in this type of shameful display.

The truth is..............the game is easily influenced by the  the management of rules, and the compliant scumrefs who carry out the philosophy of their super bosses.  They will be well rewarded and so they turn their backs on the facts and continue to ramp up the dirty deeds.  The NHL won't be happy until the Wings are on the bottom again and not able to succeed with skill, finesse, and puck possession.   There is more money in WWF type play.  Fake, lie, create unwinnable conditions. 

It is time Red Wing Fans who love good hockey do something concrete about this Facism imposed on the game.

(Facism....when one particular group has undo influence and control over the system.)

It didn't work when Wing players were suspended from not attending the All Star games!  So they are on to more covert and overt vendettas against the Team.

The scumrefs did their great work again last night to get the win for the Wild.   Guess who didn't get an inferference call and was rewarded by Jack-in-the-Son of letting him score the goal the scumrefs set-up.  It was really great that Kronwell was knocked down when he didn't have the puck.  Perhaps a scumref yelled to Koivu warning him of the upcoming check.

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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