New line-up. Thoughts?

I want to see this against Calgary. Who knows; maybe it'll work.

Fil - Hank - Mule: Fil's better as a winger. Period. Hank can shoot and pass. Enough defensive ability. Mule as a screen or gunner. I remember seeing this line against Phoenix in the playoffs two years ago and it was Fil's best showing. Get these under-achievers achieving and wake 'em up.

Nyquist (Nike) - Pavel - Buckets: Pavel can cover for Nike's gaffs and help him gain experience by playing with the best puck-handler in the league. Cleary can be a net-front presence and maybe finally drill home a pass from Pavel.

Hood - Helm - Eaves/Miller: Helm has been, in my opinion, our most consistent forward. He and Eaves have proven chemistry (although he and Miller were fairly dangerous last night) and adding Hudler to the line will give them a scorer. They can also cover for Hudler's lack of speed and defensive ability.

Miller/Emmy - Abby - Homer/Eaves: Abby's been playing good grinder hockey, but I'll never see him as more than an energy liner. Put Emmy on the wing where he can be less defensively responsible and keep Homer there as a pest while saving him for the powerplay.

TPH - Kindl: Most experience with least experience. Kindl's played smart overall and deserves some more ice time. This is a balanced pairing where both Lids and Kin can be effective offensively and defensively. Lids can cover for Kindl's inexperience and help him mature.

Kronner - White: Here's your offensive minded pairing. They both love to jump up in the play and shoot. In order to keep them from getting caught up ice, one would have to make sure to stay back high in the zone.

Rig/Commie - Stuey: Stay-at-home pairing. They're all big and tend to stay back. I know they're all prone to giveaways, but Rig's been better and Stuey's our best defensive defenseman. If they use they're size and grit, they could be very capable of smothering forecheckers and mucking it up down low and in the corners.

Conklin (Starting): Howie's mad. So mad, that he's been bailing us out too much. He's been spectacular and that's why we need to put in Conklin. The offense is relying too much on Howie coming up big. Putting Conks will work in two ways: A.) Because his play has been the complete opposite of Howard's, the offense is actually going to need to cover for him and make up for the crappiness that is number 29 lately. It will force them to score goals or else relive Washington (shudders). And B.) Conklin will get one more chance to reprove himself against a middle of the pack team. He needs to gain some confidence and the Flames are a good team to do it against. Calgary isn't desperate like Columbus was and aren't the offensive juggernaut known as the Capitals. He doesn't need to be as good as Howie, he just has to keep us in the game. 


Scratch Bert: I love him, but I'm sick to death of his 456,000,000 PIMs.


Lastly, our D needs to stop shooting directly into opposing defenders and I want to see Lids and White attempt "The Switch" on the powerplay that Raffi was so good at. Seriously, I haven't seen it tried once.



This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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