Bobby Ryan for the Wings

[Ed note: Added to the front page for discussion.]

Bobby Ryan is supposedly available, and there's not much I wouldn't give to get a player of this caliber. Big Body Power Forward. And a Right handed shot! The dude can play, and as much as I hate the ducks, I definitely hate him less that Getzlaf or (worse) Perry.

I've heard the calls for maybe Iginla, and it seems a lot of people are in agreement that Detroit needs another top 6 forward and a Right Handed one at that. A right handed forward would be money on the PP.

What would I give? A roster player, a 1st Rounder, and a either Tatar or Nyquist for sure. One thing I notice people on this board saying, is that they don't want to give up too much of the future, in tandem with trying to pry top players for Ericson, Hudler and a 4th rounder. You have to remember that there's a reason we don't like those two clowns...and it's because they're not great. And it's really hard to trade not great players, especially those that are slumping, for great players.

And as far as trading away our future...our future is NOW. Hank, Pav and Mule are all 30 and quickly exiting their prime. They've got 2 or 3 more years of true super-stardom (if that). Not to mention, this is likely our last year with the incomparable Nick Lidstrom. We need to win today, and to do that, you need to be willing to trade prospects.

Think about what the Kings did this past summer. They traded Braydon of the highest touted prospects in the NHL, and Wayne Simmonds, a fan favorite/likely 20 goal scorer and great role player, for Mike Richards. They gave talent and prospects to get talent. And while the fans in LA were up in arms about their top prospect, cultivated for years in the system, being traded away, the reality is, this was a SMART move. You see, Mike Richards is a top player, an all Star 2-way player, and the player that the Kings organization HOPED Braydon Schenn would become. And since they want to win now, they traded an upcoming potential superstar for a current one. They basically just sped things up a couple years.

So I say, if it nets you a guy like Bobby Ryan (young), it's ok to lose a player like Nyquist or Tatar. Those guys are unproven, and will likely be stars, but might fizzle out. Ryan is proven, and himself has some untapped potential. Ryan also has a contract through we'd get some years, and not just a mercenary year like with Iginla.He's also about 10 years younger than Iginla.

I don't know...I just hope that Kenny jumps at a chance like this, as players of this caliber aren't made available very often...Nash is supposedly untouchable, and Parise would be just as nice, but I don't know if we can afford him.

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