From the Yotes site...19 Reasons

I thought this might be an interesting look after a nice Game 1 win.  This was posted on the Five For Howling site, and I figured, what the heck, let's all get the chance to comment here on WIIM.

The title was 19 reasons the Yotes will win the Series - referring not to Stevie Y's #, but rather Shane Doan's #.

1.  This number is also the number of healthy knees Henrik Zetterberg has.

True, but with Hudler and Franzen helping Pav - I'm not sure we'll need him against the Yotes.

2.  The Coyotes were 2-0-2 against the Wings during the regular season.

Umm, these are the playoffs - the regular season just doesn't matter

3.  Keith Yandle's ability to pinch in effectively.

Yeah, well maybe someone should pinch Yandle today, he might have had some bad dreams about Pav, Johan and the inept Phoenix PP.

4.  Ilya Bryzgalov is better than Jimmy Howard, Joey MacDonald, or the ghost of Chris Osgood.

Not last night folks... 

5.  Nicklas Lidstrom is finally showing signs of aging.

Ok, so he took a penalty last night....and????


The rest after the jump

6.  Paul Bissonnette  has actually discovered how to play effective fourth line minutes making both himself and Kyle Turris and Mikkel Boedker dangerous energy players for the Yotes. 

Since I didn't see anything but the last 10 minutes, I'll defer to others on how the Yotes 4th line played.

7.  The Joe doesn't intimidate the Coyotes.  They are 4-2-1 in the last 24 months at the old barn.

 I say again, it doesn't matter, these are the playoffs!

8.  The Octopus tradition is tired and worn out.  It is now the time of #Throwthesnake.

Um, no it's not - it may not taste very good, but Octopi rules!

9.  The current version of Mike Modano resembles the old one only in appearance. 

He was scratched last night - maybe Babs agrees, but you're still down 1-0 in the series...

10.  The Coyotes blueline is much deeper than the Wings.

In which way?

11.  Martin Hanzal is back.  He had 3 goals in the seasons series, more than any other Coyote or Red Wing.

One more time - these are the playoffs...

12.  Darcy Olsen & Clint Bolick are the Coyotes' Rachel Phelps.

??? huh???

13.  The Wizard.  He wasn't around for last year's playoff series.

Must be a desert thing....

14.  The Wings have struggled to score on the power play against the Yotes this season.

The Puck Don't 'em and weep - Wings 1 for 3 (33%), Yotes O for 6 (0%)

15.  Having Ruslan Salei and Todd Bertuzzi on the same team is bad karma.

Maybe so, but Bert fired up the entire Joe and Salei blocked 4 shots.

16.  Given the Wings playoff record over the past two postseasons they are due to lose in the 1st round.

Now we're resorting to "they're due"??

17.  Radim Vrbata is set to make Yotesgurl's head asplode with by using his S/O move on a breakway.

Ok, so Vrbata did have a goal last night - to narrow the deficit to 2 goals - and???

18.  Tyson's Jacket.


19.  The Captain won't be avoiding Jimmy Howard this year.

Well that is true - Doan was in the Wings net the exact same number of times the puck was - 2.  Shame that doens't acutally count for anything.  You'll notice that Pav doesn't spend any time in the other team's net, he shoots it there and lets the other team get it out for him.

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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