Playoff Prediction Results

First, an apology on my part. I've been behind on a lot of things the past few weeks, including this. That's on me.

Before we get to the results of the Playoff Prediction Contest, I wanted to highlight a few trends and interesting things about the contest. Here are some numbers to ponder before we reveal our winner.

166 - The number of people who entered the contest
83 - The maximum number of points available in the contest
109 - The number of people who picked the Wings to win the Stanley Cup
4 - The number of people who correctly picked Boston winning the Stanley Cup in 7 games
1 - The number of people who correctly picked David Krejci as the leading point-getter in the playoffs

All in all, it was a successful contest. But none of you care about that, do you?

Follow the jump for our winner and full results.

Without further ado, let's get to the scoreboard.

SB Nation Username Total
WhatWouldDanClearyDo 51
hockeyusa91 50
Sharp Teeth 47
hockeyusa91 44
Elfuego51 42
marlonbrando 41
urbantiki 38
ahtrap 35
thebradburn 35
eight_legged_freaks 34
SonicSpeed 32
manbearpig21 31
RandomWingsDude 31
tehGOALIE 31
uvgt2bkdnme 31
Kendal 30
Amerinadian 29
Jahiegel 29
dopala 28
originalrecipeizzy 28
vtcub 28
DetroitSports 27
HockeytownUSA 27
Redwall D 27
bboswell 26
cpwingnuts 26
jsara 26
ktjjang 26
Playboyperry509 26
SJSharksCupWinners 26
Spartanhockey89 26
Darthferrer 25
RedPandaAlex 25
redsox333 25
Robocop 25
SpaceCityHockey 25
Standing.Room.Only 25
wingsluver4ever 25
MannyK 24
Ryan Weiss 24
Sambojangles 24
Timothy F 24
Tyshow89 24
WingedWheelManiac 24
Baroque 23
handsomerob1 23
Munson720 23
VipersGoneNotForgotten 23
westspec 23
wowjimi 23
MDeskaTTU 22
ThemBones 22
Adam in SL 21
amaizing666 21
MyFavBaseballSquadron 21
Casey Richey 20
cpwingnuts 20
JeffHancock41 20
jonathan.onne 20
Laquita 20
Zettaberged 20
benwilsonx 19
ckeiffer 19
ExPat Yooper 19
hyeh81 19
Kyle Kujawa 19
Michael Petrella 19
Nate Koschara 19
PopsJones 19
Wing19 19
bromans 18
Dubie 18
Jmart009 18
nchessm1991 18
Red, White and a Mile High 18
uclajenn 18
une17 18
Dannik99 17
greg5897 17
hackthebone 17
jdrx 17
Larryjam 17
Pentatonic 17
punkrawkdrumr 17
statest09 17
castaway2525 16
DatsDaDream 16
Flyers vs. Wings 16 16
ndawg10 16
alicarlston 15
Cornelious 15
Hornecker 15
pzar11 15
Tigers&WingsFan 15
TuloRocks2008 15
Veihl789 15
vockeea 15
wrecker1097 15
daileysc 14
DarrenHelm43 14
Detroit_Faithful 14
GuiCalciolari 14
hockeyguy9125 14
Iowalion 14
J_Stone 14
KBreynin87 14
Kendal (for my son Adam) 14
Kleinow 14
Rockstarbass 14
sharks_fans_are_the_worst 14
vreeland2 14
Wyoswift 14
Holmstrom96 13
kylegroombridge 13
macattakk2000 13
richard gustafson 13
ZWC11 13
AriTwice 12
eric @ prbu 12
hockeychic 12
J.J. from Kansas 12
Maria19 12
motor7 12
Papusica 12
rock n rye 12
WingnutInStarsCountry 12
winny567 12
DeathtotheHawks 11
fredaljg 11
hochs 11
igorzba 11
Jamisen Both 11
jmm87710 11
Lids5 11
NatiTalia 11
noxy 11
sigsegfalt 11
sponthemove 11
tgummerer 11
wildnout33 11
apocalyptic0n3 10
Dreded 10
LilFil 10
Mardiros Efendi 10
redwing raven 10
shill430 10
Sparto 10
winny567 10
helldog 9
jennyquarx 9
mccurlyg 9
Rwings 9
TDTyler 9
yzguy 9
can we get hatcher back 8
crperreau 8
Henry Black 8
rgfordguy 8
Da Soo 7
DetroitYooper 7
SEMIRetired 7
jhuss 6

A huge congratulations to What Would Dan Cleary Do on their victory, as they have been crowned Grand Champion of the first-ever WIIM Playoff Prediction Contest.

For those that don't recall, we encouraged all of you to look into your hearts and help Patrick Eaves in his quest to provide services to the ASPCA. Many of you stepped up to the plate, and as promised, the person who finished the highest while also donating money was entitled to a little extra swag. Put your virtual hands together and congratulate good friend of the blog marlonbrando, who finished 1st among the donaters and 6th overall.

We'll be in contact with the winners to discuss their prizes. On behalf of myself, Casey, J.J. and Jeff, thanks to all of you for participating, and we hope you had fun.

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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