3-1 Loss thoughts from JLA


That's me with my brand new Jimmy jersey.  


As a few of you know, I headed down to the ole JLA tonight to catch the game for my 26th birthday.  Boy was I in for a surprise.  I'm not sure what people saw on tv.  But, a lot was to be learned from those 3 periods of hockey.  We all have seen the X ways writeups.. well.. I'll make this a dozen and call it good for all us A.D.D. riddled folks.


  1. The PP sucked with these current lines and needed something more than Datsyuk.  It's going to look a ton better in the regular season with Z, Lids, and White on it.  However, I was at least hoping for a goal or two given our amount of time.
  2. Datsyuk, despite a lack of points is still "the man".  If he was to sum up tonight with one sentence, it would be "NEED MORE SHOOT".  Even he was getting a little fancy at times and passing rather than shooting.  This does not discount the fact that he is still amazing... just sayin'.
  3. Yes, Exelby was the one who stood up for Smith.  The hit on Smith into the boards was horrible.  As he fell to the ice, all I wanted was retribution.  Exelby got his ass over there and tried to help out.  Unfortunately, what I thought was a pretty dominant period by us up to that point fizzled after the Exelby penalty.  Perhaps everyone tried to remind themselves it was a preseason game. Photo13p_medium

    I think Exelby is under there somewhere... someone get the Zamboni to clear away the Flyers that piled on.

  4. Exelby wasn't as bad as some have made him out to be.  I expected him to suck since all I really saw of him the last time he played was him falling.  He played reasonably well this go 'round. 
  5. Who's this Johnson guy?  I barely noticed him.  He was even less effective than Hudler tonight.. good in spurts, but just non existent the rest of the time.
  6. Smith played pretty well.  I can easily see him being up in the club next season.  His ability to try and move the puck was great for someone so green.  One knock against him is that he needs to keep his head up.  He was super lucky the 3 big hits I counted on him were not worse. 
  7. Big praise to Commodore for stepping up on the open ice hit to Smith.  Smith looked disoriented after the hit so it was good to see someone come in and at least TRY to wrestle someone for that crap. I actually liked the way he played.  It may have looked different on tv or the live stream, but he did a decent job of just knocking people off the puck when needed.
  8. Did I mention Smith got hit a LOT?  Screw the Flyers... that is all.
  9. Brunnstrom is making a much stronger case for staying with the team at least in the minors.  He meshed well when he played with Eaves.  This could be a dangerous combo with Mursak. 
  10. Eaves is still sick as can be.  I forgot how good he was from last season.  He's definitely got a nose for the net.
  11. Jimmy was decent despite the 3 goals on the score sheet.  It seems he had a hard time controlling rebounds from what I could tell.  Most everyone was pretty pissed when that first goal went in.
  12. Kronner looks very confident.  I can see him putting up more points than last year for sure.


BTW...  Is it October 7th yet???  I didn't mind the Red and White teams at first, but I'm getting overly anxious to see them combined soon.  We lost, but no big deal... it's just a preseason game.  As a Detroit Lions fan... we all know how much those mean to the success of a team.  Feel free to ask questions below or set me straight.  It's tough seeing everything when you are there.  Then again, it seems a bit easier to see things as a whole too.  Ex: The crowd LOVED Exelby all night.  They also were quite fond of Commie.

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