New trade thought for the Ducks

Ok, so I know I've posted on this a bunch of times but Apocalyptic0n3 just gave me a new thought of a trade idea that would really be a decent move for the Ducks and could lead to a major score the Red Wings:

Ducks receive: Eaves, Hudler, Stuart, Nyquist/Brunnstrom, plus a 1st and 4th round pick

Wings receive: Ryan, Fowler, (insert mid level prospect), plus a 5th rd pick

I think the Ducks would be interested because it brings 3 scoring forwards (with one of them being solid on the PK) into the mix to replace 1 F they would lose. Plus while they lose the upside that Fowler has, Stuart is a gritty D that works hard, kills penalties and brings more veteran presence to take some off of the young guys like Perry and Getzlaff. Plus they know that Stuart wants to play in CA, so he'll be comfortable there.

For the Red Wings, it looks like a lot is given up, but in reality, there's a lot gained.

First, we know Lids is going to retire soon. So we're going to use the game plan that he retires at the end of this season. If we set that in place, we know Holland is going to push for Weber or Suter really hard. But if Fowler comes into the fold, he doesn't have to push nearly as hard. By having Fowler on your second line D, Kronwall and White are your first, now instead of feeling like you have to get someone to replace Lidstrom, you really only have to get someone to replace Kronwall on line 2. Your third line is still Smith/Kindl and Ericsson.

As for the forwards, I know that we have great chemistry right now and don't want to shake that, but that clearly wasn't the case against Montreal. We still have a few weeks after The Break before the deadline, so we'll see if the chemistry really did fall apart. Anyways, Ryan would immediately join with Hank and Flip. Eaves has been injured so his loss doesn't change a roster spot.

The swap of draft picks is more or less to grease the deal.

As for which defenseman to pursue, I would look into the following:

1. Ryan Suter - duh!

2. Hal Gill - for a 1 year deal to pursue Weber next year

3. Matt Carle - he's young, moves the puck

4. Michal Rosival - 2 yr deal

5. Tim Gleason - 2 yr deal

6. Adrian Aucoin - 1 yr deal

7. Sami Salo - 1 yr deal

8. Mike Commodore - 1 yr deal (though I don't think he's been that great)

Part of the beauty of this plan is that if Holland can talk Lidstrom into returning, he still fits perfectly. Kronwall stays on the second line with Fowler.

As for the Lines for next year here's how I see them in this scenario:

Franzen - Datsyuk - Bertuzzi (I think he comes back for another year)

Filppula - Zetterberg - Ryan

Mursak/Tatar - Helm - Cleary

Miller - Emmerton - Abdelkader

Kronwall - Suter

White - Fowler

Ericsson - Smith/Kindl

Last but not least, if they asked for Franzen, I would offer Franzen, Miller, Stuart and Bruunstrom plus picks.

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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