Quick Hits: Still Proud Of The Tigers

End the lockout so this man stops blogging. We need to leave that to the professionals. - Greg Bartram-US PRESSWIRE

Hey Hey Hockeytown

Red Wings flashback: A look at Gordie Howe | Detroit Red Wings | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
The NHL is in a deep freeze thanks to a labor dispute, but at the Free Press, hockey is always on the hearth. So until there are Red Wings games on the horizon, they are spotlighting different players in Flashback Features.

Griffins Top Wolves 3-2 in OT

Tomas Tatar scored the GWG in OT as the Griffins finished off their 3rd game in 3 nights.

Ilitch rises to the upper crust through pizza dough, dreaming | Crain's Detroit Business

This isn't strictly Red Wings-related, but this is a great look at Mr I and why he's the best owner in sports.

Around The Lockout

Pass or Fail: Letting players choose free agency if they’re not ‘made whole’ | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Here's a fantastically unfair idea. Give the players the option to take a smaller salary out of a guaranteed base if they don't like not being paid the full amount they signed for. It's like giving them to give back the money up-front without that pesky part about forcing future players to give them that money down the line!

NHL in jeopardy of losing entire season

Tim Panaccio is worried the NHL underestimated Don Fehr. How stupid would that be? I mean, how in hell do you underestimate Don Fehr?

Jack Johnson | Columbus Blue Jackets | Team USA

Jack Johnson probably should have had somebody ghost-write these thoughts... and a web-developer build him a site where the background picture doesn't look like him trying not to poop himself.

Islanders to Brooklyn Reflections: A New Hope? - Lighthouse Hockey

This is a nice piece by an Islanders fan relieved by the resolution of his team's woes.

San Jose Sharks Gameday: The Great Thoughts - Battle of California

Megalodon's Grandpa is great.

Who Does the NHLPA Actually Represent? - Mile High Hockey

"Busted Twigg" thinks the true representation of the NHLPA is the player who plays a median 86 games and makes a median $1.1M and somehow the rich veteran jerks fighting for contract rights for everybody are... I don't know... out of touch with that? It's a ridiculous position.

Wild's Ryan Suter has second thoughts about Craig Leipold comments | StarTribune.com

The only thing worse than a mouthy idiot is a mouthy idiot who lacks the conviction to back what he says.

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