Quick Hits: Ted Lindsay Speaks Out

Bruce Bennett

Terrible Ted, the founder of the NHLPA, gives his take on on the lockout and some players decisions to speak out against Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Red Wings Links

Riley Sheahan arrest video, ‘super drunk’ and dressed as a purple Teletubby (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Ted Lindsay despises badmouthing of Gary Bettman by players during lockout - ESPN
Ted Lindsay is actually right here. If a vote needs to happen in the NHLPA, then so be it. His point about not badmouthing Bettman comes with a subtle reminder: Bettman works for the owners. If you've got something nasty to say about the people preventing you from playing hockey, you've got 29 other groups to point fingers at before landing on the commissioner.

Red Wings goalies Jimmy Howard, Jonas Gustavsson struggle to stay sharp during lockout | MLive.com
Pretty sure Gustavsson had trouble staying sharp during the season too when he was with Toronto.

Forbes: Wings rank sixth for NHL franchise value at $346M | The Detroit News | detroitnews.com
The Red Wings are more that 2.5 times more valuable than the St. Louis Blues.

Comerica Bank Prospect Report - Ryan Sproul Video - NHL VideoCenter - Detroit Red Wings
Get to know Mr. Sproul.

NHL Links

Haggerty: Jacobs should be held responsible
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is just a messenger. Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs and those like him should be held responsible for the lockout.

Jets, NHL deny Jacobs reprimanded Jets rep over lockout criticism - Winnipeg Free Press
For the second time this month, the league has called a reporter a liar for posting a story indicating that maybe things aren't all hunky-dory behind the iron curtain of the NHL's gag order.

Russo: Josh Harding Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis - Hockey Wilderness
Holy shit.

Forbes and the clean lie | mc79hockey.com
Tyler Dellow takes on the concept of "The Forbes numbers aren't perfect, but they're the best we've got" and what exactly that should mean when you take stock in them.

Spurs’ Bonner cautions NHLers, says decertification "throws everything into chaos" | ProHockeyTalk
Just because it may have helped end the NBA lockout doesn't mean it will work for hockey.

Mike Keenan: Scary Coach Or Just A Jerk? - St. Louis Game Time
Mike Keenan was a jerkoff. Probably still is. Who cares?

WHL hammers Winterhawks for undisclosed "player benefit violations" | ProHockeyTalk
A team did something as horrible as buying plane tickets for the families of kids who basically play hockey for free. How terrible.

Rajon Rondo ejected after fight, assist streak ends - SBNation.com
Hey, a sports fight!

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