Winging It In Motown's Round 1 Draft Preview/Open Thread

Nail Yakupov takes batting practice in Pittsurgh. The Pirates have offered to slot him into the seven spot in the lineup because, while his grip is a little unorthodox, he's at least holding the bat right-side up.

So Round 1 of the NHL draft is happening tonight in Pittsburgh. The festivities will be televised starting at 7pm EST on NBCSN. Rounds 2-7 will happen tomorrow and will likely be heavily covered by NHL Network.

The big storyline of the draft is the Edmonton Oilers and their third consecutive #1 overall pick. Edmonton is lousy with young forwards and in need of defensive and goaltending help. Nail Yakupov is the majority #1 pick though and it may not be worth it for them to give up on such a highly-touted prospect. For more on the Oilers and what the fans think they should do, I recommend heading over to The Copper & Blue.

For full SB Nation NHL Draft Coverage, check in at the Main Hub Draft Page.

As for the Wings? Well, If you're watching tonight, then it's much more likely you're just interested in the process than worried about what the Detroit table will be up to. The Wings have no first-round pick because of the deal which brought them Kyle Quincey and Ken Holland maintains that the Wings' focus is on free agency (per Kahn)

"Trades today, other than at the trade deadline (when teams dump salary for picks or prospects), it's equal player for equal player. We're looking to add. We'll explore July 1. We have the cap space, the roster space.''

If a team, like Detroit, believes it has a good chance to land Suter and/or Parise – thus, not having to relinquish any assets – there is less urgency to trade.

"It's difficult to make trades because so many things are involved in today's world that weren't involved before – parity, the salary cap,'' Holland said. "But there's always rumblings, always a lot of talk. Some leads to something, some dissipates into nothing.''

The Wings may choose to move around some picks and may choose to either go after some free agents' rights and/or trade away Jiri Hudler's rights, but the likelihood that anything directly exciting happens for Red Wings fans tonight is not high.

As for predictions for other teams, I don't really have one. SB Nation has done a full first round mock draft. You can find the picks in the story stream here. We obviously didn't get to participate, but we at least got to watch. I tried trading Quincey to anybody who would give me a first-rounder back, but had no takers.

We'll keep you updated on major moves and throw out some updates as they happen. Feel free to fire off trade scenarios and analysis in the comments.

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