Quick Hits: Still Waiting

Ten Pwoints foww Gwyffindowww!

Ryan Suter and Zach Parise are in the middle of making the biggest decision of their professional lives. I know it sucks for all of us waiting to see what they're going to do, but this isn't the kind of thing they want to be second-guessing anytime soon.

Hockeytown, No Limits

KuklasKorner : The Malik Report : Red Wings will have to wait until Tuesday, at the very least, for Ryan Suter’s decision
Thank God no one invented a drinking game for this; we'd all be dead.

The Triple Deke: On Rick Nash and Trade Speculation
Everyone knows I have a man crush on Rick Nash, but people are skeptical about bringing him to the Wings. Tyler compares Nash to another power forward who was traded to the Wings, and let's just say I'm dancing a jig at his conclusions.

Red Wings Sign 2011 Draft Pick Marek Tvrdon - SB Nation Detroit
It was a quiet day in Detroit, but they made a move to keep a prospect in the fold. Tvrdon joins Martin Frk in the "Players With Awesome Names to Use When You've Got Crappy Letters in Scrabble" category.

Why Gustavsson Will Thrive in Detroit
There are a lot of folks out there laughing at the Gustavsson signing by the Wings. This article should make you feel better. Me, I'm just excited to have a Monster and a Mule on the same team.

Joey MacDonald requests trade " The Production Line - TP:60
Hard to fault the guy for this. He thought the backup job was his and then the Wings go out and sign Jonas Gustavsson. Could make for an interesting battle in training camp if he's not traded.

Around the League

Flames Sign Jiri Hudler for Four Years, $16M - Matchsticks and Gasoline
The skin trade in Calgary is about to experience a real boom in business.

Well That Was A Fun Few Hours There, I Think - Second City Hockey
I was driving to the hospital when I heard a guy on ESPN1000 here in Chicago mention that the Blackhawks were serious contenders for Zach Parise. After getting my car out of the ditch, I went to Twitter and realized that it was somewhat true. Someone needs to tell Stan Bowman that the cap still applies even though the CBA expires this year.

Carey Price Signs for 6 years - Habs Eyes On The Prize
$6.5M per year for Carey Price. That falls between Rinne and Quick, but it's a shorter deal than both. The Habs are definitely saying they expect Price in the Vezina talk with this kind of salary.

Olli Jokinen Joins The Winnipeg Jets On A 2 year, 9 Million Dollar Deal - Arctic Ice Hockey
Jokinen for $4.5M per year isn't a bad term, but I don't want to analyze this signing, I want to point out that Olli Jokinen looks like he spent his childhood sticking his face in running vacuum cleaner hoses.

2012 Sortable Free Agent Tracker | TSN
The Free Agent Tracker is still up and running. Goodbye, Chris Conner.

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