What UFA Could do for RED WINGS and (List of players they should def try getting)

The Detroit Red Wings looks to be active this off season to improve their scoring ability especially during the power play; but more importantly to plug the gaping hole that they have on defense due to the retirement of the future Hall of Famer Nicklas Lidstrom and the sudden departure of Brad Stuart. Let us see their options and what could they possibly bring to the table while we all cringe and wait with nervousness about the decisions of our desired players. (Opinion Based)

Lets begin on Defense

~~Ryan Suter - the highly demanded defenseman is probably 1st on Red Wings Wanted List. He offers a great leadership and skills with an adept ability to command a team on a power play. The Red Wings was 23rd on power play last year, which is not a good sight for a team looking to go deep in the playoffs. With the addition of Ryan Suter, the Red Wings will immediately improve themselves on that department. With the lost of Nick Lidstrom the Red Wings instantly needed someone to fill in his role. Ryan Suter can fill that role. Let's face it, Nick Lidstrom is irreplaceable, just imagine the idea of replacing him and assuming his role, the pressure is like replacing a president who made a country really successful for many years. So the fans should look at it as Suter filling in the defenseman role that Lidstrom left but at the same time bring the Suter package in the table.

Suter is a highly skilled defenseman who can dish and set up guys in open areas and his 22 power play assist last season proves it . He also has a superb defensive ability and always a positive +/- statistic except for 08-09 season where he went -16. He has tons of upside and puts a lot on the table. Red Wings not only want him but desperately needs him. He may not be Superman like Lidstrom but he definitely could be considered as Captain Marvel. (If you get that reference)

~ Other Options ~

~~Matt Carle - the next best available defenseman after Suter. If Suter does not choose to go to Hockeytown then Carle is the plan B option. He is a very solid player with great set of skills. He tallied 35+ points for 3 straight years including 35 points last season. The difference is that he doesn't bring the powerplay ability that Suter brings in the table which makes him less desirable. He is still a very great consolation price for the teams who does not get the Suter Package. Worry not Matt Carle package is very good package.

~~ Carlo Colaiacovo - the next best option remaining on the free agency after Suter and Carle. He is a defenseman who brings good defensive ability and great checking skills. He loves to hit and pressure opponent. The Problem is he has some Health issues. The past 3 years he has not played more than 67 games. Another problem is that he represents a 2nd line defenseman, not a top 2 pair defenseman. Still he brings great defensive capability on the line up and he has an awesome name :)

Enough of Defense LETS TALK GOAALLLSSSS!!!

~~Zack Parise - The most sought free agent in this years offseason, and rightfully so. Zack P. is one of the most hardest working NHL player. The fortunate part is that he has the skill and talent to go along with his hard working attitude. THAT'S EVERY COACHES DREAM!! He was the Captain of the New Jersey Devils , who he lead to the Stanley cup. He could presents the Red wings another weapon to posses along with the already talented and skilled group that they already have. Parise could be the missing piece that the Red Wings need to win the Stanley cup.

Parise is not the biggest player out there but he is an absolute terror for the opposing defense. He can flat out score. He is a consistent 30+ goal scorer, and he had a year which he scored 45 goals. His scoring ability and leadership could be a great asset for the Red Wings. Imagine him in the line With Hank or Datsyuk. Detroit could immediately be considered a favorite to win the Stanley cup if they manage to sign him. He might be small player but he is a mighty Tank out on the ice.

~Other Options~

~~Alexander Semin - a native of Russia and is one of the most puzzling and frustrating player in the league. It's frustrating due to the fact that he has the talents and the skill to be one of the greatest but he doesn't have the work ethic to back it up. People tend to try to stay away from Semin due to the fact that he has a potential to be a coach killer. He is a lot of upside but very risky to sign. I would love the signing of Semin though due to the fact that he is probably one of the best sniper in NHL. He is a pure GOAL scorer with a better defensive ability that he is credited for. If he is the work hard Semin then you get 70 to 80+ points. If you get the bad lazy Semin then you will still get points but it'll drop to about 50-60 points range. Don't get me wrong, 50-60 points is still a lot of points, but that's the bad part of it, due to the fact that he can do better than 50-60 points, with his talents and knack to score a goal, he is special player, and very skillful enough to be considered among'st current greats like Datsyuk, Alexander O., Malkin, Stamkos, Crosby.

He could flourish in Detroit System. With Babcok as a coach to push him into greatness and surrounding cast to support him, he could be the next great goal scorer the Detroit Lacked in these past years, with the exception of Marian Hossa. Plus Semin really played well and flashed his greatness playing with Pavel Datsyuk at IIHF world championship.

~~Shane Doan - is a veteran Captain that still brings a lot in the table. He is not a powerhouse goal scorer like Parise or Semin but he can give you goals when you need it. The bigger asset he can bring is the leadership and the grit he brings to the top lines of Detroit. Red Wings have been vaguely accused of being softies of the NFL, and the signing of Doan could bring that grit and toughness in their top line.


Rick Nash - a Canadian born player who presents a big power forward body with a consistent solid goal scoring powers. If Red Wings cannot acquire Parise or Semin or Doan, they might look to trading for Nash. Nash is very talented and young player which makes him a very great trade target. He brings you a lot of goals and a big presence in the line up. The only problem is he is not the best when it comes to defense. He is -71 in his career. Yikes; also the GM of Blue Jackets WANTS A CRAP TON FOR HIM, UHMM>>> yah... If the Red Wings do want to get him then, It is gonna cost Franzen and a lot of prospect players.

Bobby Ryan - an assistant captain of Anaheim Ducks, he is very large forward with a great skill and play making capability. He has great hands and big asset. He is almost similar to Nash when it comes to the skill set. The difference is it that he wouldn't cost as much.

(IF not of those people pans out then)


~~Malkin, Weber are possible free agents lol~~ not likely to happen, actually this is like a dream. ~~

What are your guy's opinion? I know i have alot of grammar errors but please try to understand as best as you can. And please please be gentle with harsh comments! i would very like your opinion on who you think Red Wings should sign

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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