Crazy Day huh, Hockeytown return to dominance solution

Earlier morning, when the sun gently grazed our eyes and our alarm rung to wake us up from our deep slumber, a news that will shook the nation was released. We all excitedly started up our computer and cellphone and I-pads to check on news about our teams free agency moves. When we all saw the news about Zack Parise and Ryan Suter agreed on a Megasota deal, to make the Minnesota a Megasota team who apparently for several people will be contending for the Stanley cup. That is when the "Groans", "uh", "What the HELL?", "Minnesota?", "Its not all about the money?", "Good luck on winning the cup now", "hahah PENS FANS!" came out from our mouths. For the people in Minnesota fans however, the words was rather opposite, it was more like "Hahah bitches, WE GOOD." It has been that kind of a day so far.

So far Red Wings probably have been one of the most affected team in the free agency market by the "Decision" of Parise and Suter to joing the Wilds. They badly needed a defenseman that could fill the role that Nick Lidstrom left. He left the role of a great defenseman and position of the a commander during the powerplays, and Suter was the best option and the best defenseman available in the free agency that could fill the role. The wings also needed a winger who can bring goal scoring ability, which is none other than Zack Parise. Unfortunately for Detroit, those two decided stir clear from the path of being a Red Wing and instead join the Wilds.

Now that the pursuit of Suter and Parise is over, and having the Red wings coming up empty handed, is it time to panic? the answer is R U OUT OF UR GOD DAMN MIND? HELL NOO!! The Red wings just need to go their contingency plan which is plan B but what is plan B? Is Ken Holland willing to spend big bucks on 2nd tier players? perhaps a blockbuster trade? What ever it is, its almost expected that he needs to make more move on the market in order to have a better year this upcoming year.

Is it going to be red alert time now that free agency options are dwindling down? No. Some people are already counting Red Wings out of the playoffs and so on. Relax, don't get your horses running yet, Red Wings is not at all out of contention yet. Red Wings has been the model of consistency in NHL. 20 straight years of continued efficient lead them to playoff every year since 1990. Red Wings also consistently score 100+ points since the 1999 season to the recent season. How did they do it? The answer is Great management. Red wings already dealt with the situation of not having a deep roster before, it is not like it's an unprecedented situation. Steve Yzerman , Russian 5, Federov, and Lidstrom are now retired, but if you look back, did Steve Yzerman or Federov's presence being gone made the Red Wings horrible? Or did Marian Hossa's signing with another team made Detroit bad to be considered out of the Playoffs? No. Every year they still make the playoffs and they still won enough games to gain 100+ points every season. So ask yourself again, is it time to panic?

Relax, Red Wings still has tons of option in the market, the problem is that we really don't know what Ken Holland is thinking. He can either pursue some of the remaining talents, or sit the summer down and hope the talent comes from Griffins. If he does pursue the talents, what road do you think he should take?

~~~~ options ~~~~

Alexander Semin - Should be one the main target of the Red Wings. He is a very talented Forward with a very wicked goal scoring ability. He is an equivalent of a 5 tool player in baseball. He has good speed, great puck handling ability, very strong, greater defense that he is accounted for, and very wicked wrist shots and loud whacking slap shot. He has tons of potential and very humongous upside, the downside is that he apparently is not the most hardworking player and he has the tendency to be a coach killer due to his worth ethic. I believe in him though. If he gets driven to work hard he can produce and give you 70-80 points. Red Wings can give provide him that environment. With a superb coach in Mike Babcock and a talented supporting cast the Red Wings can possibly drive him to work really hard. There were accusation that he didn't really work hard last year, and if that was true, he manage to score 54 points without working hard. While Hiri Hudler only manage to score 50 points while working hard. He can flourish in the Red Wing system, and giving him a chance to play with his fellow country man Pavel the Dangler Datsyuk which whom I consider the best player in NHL. They showed some of their Dynamic Duo in the IIHF world championships. ( check it out. They could be Red Wings' Batman and robin, or Starsky and hutch. I expect him to get 38-45 goals if given the chance to play with Pavel Datsyuk. Detroit Red Wings need someone like Semin who can be a little selfish and just shoot the puck. Only with Semin the percentage of getting the puck pass the goalie and inside the net is higher.

Shane Doan - Shane Doan according to the reports and blogs, is a big want for the Red Wings. The 6'2, 225 pounds powerforward was the captain of the Phoenix Coyote last season. He is a big guy who can bring tons of leadership in the locker room. He may not be a scoring powerhouse like Semin but he is no slouch on goal scoring department. The biggest asset is that he posses is that he is forward who can bring a lot of grit in the top 6 line. He can help break the image of Red Wings as Softies. Doan can bring a big leadership aspect in the team and a guaranteed grinding efforts to help secure his first ever Stanley cup. The only knock on him is that he is really old compared to Semin and way pass his prime. He should be very secure and safe options with multitude of upside. + He is probably very hungry to win his first championship. People might not like the idea of him in a Red Wings jersey because he somewhat is given the title of a dirty player, but Detroit could need someone just like that. Someone like Kris Draper who does not mind being dirty.

Matt Carle - Carle is probably the best defenseman in the market right after Suter. He is a very good defenseman in his own regards. He amassed 35+ points these past 3 seasons with the Philadelphia Flyers. That is very consistent. I am 50/50 on this one, I say they should pursue him, however he might demand 5-6 mil per, but I feel like his is not worth it. Either way, his signing would immediately make the Red Wings defense.

Kieth Yandle - Yandle is not a UFA, he is a great young defenseman who amassed 43 pts last season. The year before that he had 59 pts. He is a great set up guy who can play great defense and contribute in powerplay. Someone that the Red Wing desperately need. Knock on him is that he does not like to hit; however getting a trade for him go's a long way in filing the role that was left by Lidstrom. He is an offensive powerhouse who set up guy in the open and give them the chance to score some goals. The question is why should Coyote trade him. I do not know, but during the draft, Coyote called Red Wings about a possible trade for Yandle. Red Wings of course did not capitalize on the opportunity because they thought that Suter will choose them. If Holland needs someone to improve the defense and bring points to Hockeytown then Yandle should be looked at. He could play in the same line with the ultimate destroyer Kronwall.

Shea Weber - You know him very well. He is big guy who loves to hit, whether its dirty or not.He does not shy away from contact. He probably did most of the work in his tandem with Suter. He is a big defensive defenseman who has 104 miles per hour slapshot that is 2nd only to Chara. His ability to score as a defenseman is almost second to none. Besides Red Wings definitely need someone to shoot the puck rather than show the fans a globe trotter like passing performance but take only 2 shots during a powerplay. A very massive upgrade to the line up if Detroit is able to sign him. The knock is that, I am not so sure he would play for the Red Wings and he is not a UFA. If the Red Wings do try to grab him, they will have to a massive price for the trade. If they could wait and try to snatch him up next year because he is a free agent, it could be better. Yet again its up to the management. With Weber in the line up you can be assured that you can sleep well, while opponent does not. Imagine though if he is pared with Kronwall, they both could become the 1 2 punch every team desires. Kronwall + Weber = Endless and massive hits + unrelenting slapshots.

Rick Nash - he is a pretty much a Shane Doan but with massive scoring abilities. Nash is a very young and talented player who is just in the edge of his prime. He can flat out score. Nash has one of the most skillful stick handling hands out there, but hes not just a stick handler and a dangler because he is phenomenal goal scorer. Red Wings desperately need a forward who can score each time they need the goal and Nash can provide that. Not only that but he knows what Mike Babcock demands of player who plays for him and Babcock knows how good of a player Nash is due to the fact that Nash played with Babcock during the 2010 Winter Olympics for Team Canada. Columbus Blue Jackets however wants several proven talents + several prospect and a future draft pick for him which is ridiculous. Not in the skilled aspect as he is really skilled but the market aspect. So Red Wings organization has to think about this very well. I wouldn't mind him weari Red and White though. If he gets traded to Detroit and Detroit miraculously sign Semin then I could say everyone is screwed.

Bobby Ryan - Anaheim duck assistant captain and a silver medalist for the 2010 Winter Olympics. He was named one of the top 10 active most skilled player in the game. He is a big guy who has smooth silk hands which adds to his asset. Him having a good stick handling ability can control the puck, maybe not in the same league as Datsyuk but is better than most player. The great thing about his body is that he is really big so he is harder player to knock of the puck compared to other players. He is a consistent 30+ goal scorer so he can really put those puck in the net. If a trade can be done, Bobby Ryan could be a better option than Rick Nash. The downside is ducks is looking for a center, which means the only trade that could be appealing for Ducks is trading Filpulla + several prospect. So if do they do look for a trade, Ryan and Nash could be great target.

Overall whatever they do, Red Wings will always be a great organization. Not only because its handled by a great GM, a FANTASTICCC OWNERR, (He flew with Holland to meet Suter) shows how much he wants to win. A great fan base!, few douchebags here and there but one of the greatest fan base in sports. Lastly a great city. Detroit might be getting a lot of bad representation, and who can blame Detroit, but Detroit is not just what the bad images and stories imply, it is a great city with hard working people. ( just look at that certain superbowl commercial :) Red Wings will always and continuously be a great and dominant team. You can talk smack to Detroit all you want, but you wouldn't know the truth, because you have never been here and you don't understand what Detroit Pride is.

SORRY AGAIN FOR THE GRAMMAR! I KNOW IM REALLY BAD and i did this in a rush BUT :) hope u guys like the thingy anyways XDD please give me ur opinion on what you guys think they should do? and do you guys think Holland will pull the trigger or wait and do nothing?

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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