Quick Hits: Toosday Edition

Tootoo is going to be running goalies for us all lockout shortened season long (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images).

At the Joe

Jordin Tootoo brings much-needed grit to Wings | Detroit Red Wings | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
The addition of Tootoo has grown on me. I was hesitant at first, but the longer the offseason drags on and the more and more the Red Wings lost out on free agents, the more you realize the Wings are going to have to play a different type of hockey. Tootoo will be able to help them play a different style and brings a whole new element to the ice that we haven't seen in awhule.

The Octopi Garden: Exclusive interview with Red Wings Equipment Manager Paul Boyer
Nice get by TOG. Solid interview. The Wings can't operate without Boyer running things behind the scenes. He's a huge part of the team.

Would the Red Wings benefit from a shortened season? - Octopus Thrower
It depends if they try to jam a ton of games into the shortened season like they did in the NBA. During some weeks teams were playing back-to-back-to-back games. That would be real tough to do with a much more physically demanding sport like hockey.

KuklasKorner | The Malik Report - Chris Osgood takes latest ‘Operation Bobblehead: Alumni Edition’ vote
Congrats to Ozzie. Kind of bummed that Darren McCarty or Sergei Fedorov didn't win. Hell, I want a Doug Brown bobblehead.

NHL - Detroit Red Wings projections for 2012-13 season - ESPN
Inside only article.

Around the NHL

Spectors Hockey | In Defense of Gary Bettman.
Don't think of it as a defense so much as a telling of more of the story.

Leafs’ coach Randy Carlyle gets ripped in worst 3 minutes of television ever | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | theScore.com
Toronto even has the best loudmouth idiots. Remember the guy who said that Brian Burke was "hiding behind the gay flag" to avoid being criticized? No? Well, that's probably good because that guy still has a job and that job is still to be loud and stupid.

Buy my book you lousy poor person! - Battle of California
Fake Dan Ellis wants your money (to power his money-burning furnaces).

Another Malkin story
Malkin playing in the KHL in the event of a lockout is no small news. Tell you what though, you get Crosby to commit to the same and watch the NHL media world catch fire.

David Menzies: Too Stupid To Insult | The LeafsNation
Steve Dangle goes on a great rant about the stupid Menzies video. Unfortunately, he tells people not to go to the site where the video is, so he's sure to have his blog shut down soon (derp).

Let's Go Red Wings.

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