Getting to Know the Red Wings

Hi. My name is Andi, and I'm an Avs fan. Now that you're all confused as to why I'm posting on a Red Wings board, I'm going to confuse you further by assuring you that I'm not here to troll. Weird, I know, but I swear that I come in peace.

Actually, the reason for my visit is an off-season project that I'm working on. I'm a staff writer for Mile High Hockey, the Avs SB Nation blog, and this summer, we're getting to know the other 29 teams in the league from their fan's perspective. It's pretty well-known that you still don't like us and we still don't like you, but I figure that if Avs fans are going to continue despising your team, we may as well do so in a well-informed way. I think that most of us at least grudgingly respect your traditions and are actually pretty curious to see where you're headed over the next few years, so any and all insight that you can provide on the Wings would be greatly appreciated.

Even though I still think you're all a bit... misguided... I understand that this is your board and that I'm merely a guest. I promise to do everything I can to keep the discourse civil because I honestly do just want to learn about your team. Now, with that said, onto the questions....

1. In 3 words, how would you sum up your team?

2. What is your team's preferred playing style, and what do they look like when they're "playing their game"?

3. Why are you a fan of the Wings? Is it because of their playing style, current players, history, location, or something else?

4. Which position is your team the deepest at? Is there one that one that still needs to be improved?

5. Who's your most underrated player and which players are the biggest fan favorites? On the other side, is there a player that just kinda irritates you for whatever reason?

6. If you could magically acquire any player in the league, who would you choose and why? Is there an Avalanche player you'd not mind seeing on your roster?

7. Do you have any prospects in your system that you're really excited about?

8. How good of a job is your GM is doing? What about your coaches and scouting/player development staff?

9. What is the biggest issue you'd like to see your team address either this off-season or early next year?

10. What do you think your lines are going to look like opening night?

11. How would you describe the Avalanche? When you look at your schedule and see that you're playing us, what sort of a game do you expect?

12. Are there any teams and/or players in the league that you just can't stand?

13. Your team is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) in the league. With Lidstrom gone and most of your core only a few seasons from following him, what direction do you see your club taking over the next 5 or so years? Do you think you still have the pieces in your system to remain competitive, or is a rebuild/youth movement in your near future?

Also, I'm going to blame JJ from Kansas for this next question. He didn't ask it (that honor goes to Avalangelist), but it was his glowing recommendation of it that caused me to add it to every team's questionnaire. So, Wings fans...

Last question, and I can’t understate how important this is: why aren’t you rooting for the Avalanche yet?

Really, that’s all I want to know…

Thanks for your time!

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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