Roster Limits - Will it be an issue for the Wings?

I don't think this has been totally addressed yet for this 2013 Red Wings team.

I missed what we've done with MacDonald, but with him we have 26 people who "can't"/shouldn't be moved back the Grand Rapids. If/when everyone is healthy what are we going to do? This doesn't include Nyquist, Tatar and Lashoff. It seems to be an issue. Maybe we'll just have 3 guys a night sitting in the press box when everyone comes back.

15 Forwards

Datsyuk – Zetterberg – Brunner (2way)

Sammuelson – Filppula – Franzen

Bertuzzi – Helm – Eaves

Tootoo – Abdelkader – Cleary

Mursak – Emmerton – Miller

8 Defensemen

Kronwall – Ericsson

White – Smith (2way)

Colaicovo – Huskins

Kindl – Quincey

2 Goalies




AHL call ups: Nyquist, Lashoff and Tatar

An NHL team can only have 23 players with 20 playing on any given night. Assuming MacDonld takes care of himself (goes where ever he is now), we are still 2 people over the limit. (15 Forwards, 8 Defensemen, 2 Goalies = 25)

Options include:

1) Sending Brunner and Smith to the AHL:

This is bad because it limits their NHL playing time. They need to be with the big club, and Brunner looks like the real deal on our top line. It also might affect wether they sign again with the Red Wings next season, as both their contracts end this season.

2) Sending Mursak and Kindl through Waivers trying to get to the AHL:

We will probably lose them in waivers if they get sent through. Both are cheap options to fill a quick hole. I can't see them staying with the team next year either way, but it would be nice to not give them away for free.

3) People Staying on IR

This is the by far the worst option, as we hope for a fully healthy team the whole time.

4) Trades

I’m going to address #4 in detail because it’s the best option, to not losing assets. But look at whom we would want to trade:

1) Mursak – little to no value + last year of his contract (who is going to rent Mursak)

2) Kindl – last year of contract

3) Emmerton – little to no value, but more than the other 2 as he is a center

4) Miller – more value and fan favorite, but also last year of contract

5) White – last year of contract

6) Huskins – just signed + last year of contract

7) Quincey – Who is going to want him at almost 4 million?

8) Filppula – last year of contract (but someone might want to rent him)

9) Helm, Abdelkader and Eaves all have years on their contracts, but they are fan favorites/want to stay in Detroit (Tootoo is going to fall into this group, because he has an awesome name)

Out of this group of people to trade Mursak, and Kindl are the best options for us, with Emmerton next as we are "weak" down the middle. I can see packaging them with Filppula or Quincey for maybe a 2nd line Forward, or a Top- 4 Defenseman. Who would trade with us for some low ceiling guys, and Filppula a rental?

What does WiiM think about the possibility of being too many people over the roster limit, and what everyone thinks Holland will do, versus what they think he should do. How are the Red Wings going to get our roster down to the limit when it becomes a necessity, after everyone comes back from injury?

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