Ken Holland: Best GM in All of Sports!!!

Ken Holland.....people say that you "WERE"....the BEST GM of the 90s and mid 2000s BEFORE THE LOCKOUT....and after the lockout, for about 5 years, you benefitted from some great Drafting from Jim Nill, and Haakaan Andersson.....They say that you are officially the new Pierre Lacroix.

I say they're wrong, they don't know jack, and you're still the best GM in all of sports !!!!

Maybe if this team was SOMEWHAT as committed to giving their young guys opportunities who are CLEARLY READY for more minutes like Tatar or someone like Nyquist obviously ready for the NHL and has BEEN READY for like the PAST 2 decades now, they might be a little better off!!!!


I mean, keeping Johan Franzen over Marian Hossa: WHAT A SAAVY MOVE BY A SAAVY GM!!!! After all, Franzen is totally the same player he was before the injuries and is a "true power forward" in the mold of a Milan Lucic: minus the meanness, viciousness, minus the power, and minus the youth!!! Ok Franzen is a unique player: A true Finess Power Forward and every team needs that to win a Stanley Cup!!! And by the way....last night against the Capitals....he notched 2 goals!!! So he met his goal quota for the entire he can sit back and relax....what a load off his shoulders!!!

And 2 offseasons ago....way to strike it big!!! I mean you lose out on Ryan Suter, and Alexander Semin and you land Jordin Tootoo, Mikael Sammuelson, !!! Great Success...sounds like a Stanley Cup!!!

Stephen Weiss was such a great signing !!! 4 more years at 4.9 million of Stephen Weiss's goal production matching his number of missing teeth?? Im ALL FOR THAT!!!

I mean who wants to trade a 3rd round pick for Dave Bolland?? I mean, you need to draft Tyler Bertuzzi in the second round because you'll never get him in round 5..... And Why would you ever want to sign Mikhail Grabovski, who ONLY has 6 goals, 11 assists, and 17 points in 20 games and he's so expensive at 1 year/ 3million?? I mean if you signed Grabo, you might have to use a compliance buyout on him because it's so risky!!!

And made an outstanding move by using the compliance buyout....a buyout for guys with disaster contracts like Ville Leino, Rick DiPietro, and Wade Redden on Carlo Colaiacovo......a guy who had 1 f'n year left on his deal and 2 million....I mean it was totally necessary because doing a normal buyout would have Ludacris....but im so glad to see how smart you are!!!

I am so glad that you resigned Danny Cleary and brought him back!!! I AM SO GLAD HE BRINGS EVERYTHING THE OPPOSING TEAM NEEDS TO WIN EVERY NIGHT:::Get on the ice, glide around, fall over a few times, make around 653 turnovers in one shift, contribute nothing to the team and then go laugh about all the guys on waivers that are 10x better than him.

And I am SO glad you Traded a TOP 20 pick for Kyle Quincey!!!! Whhaaaaat a Steal for a guy who is clearly over his head as a Top 4 defenseman, but excellent bottom pair defenseman.....I mean why would we ever want to add a first round talent to this team's already deep prospect pool??

And Man am I so glad that you re-signed him to a 3.75 million dollar contract?!!!.

And for Mikael Sammuelson .....The offseason he was a UFA I thought.....Sammy's back, now that's a relief. Babcock must have be satisfied with his bench production. He scores the same amount of goals sitting as he does skating!!!! But OH WHAT A RELEIF IT IS... But HE HAS A RIGHT HANDED SHOT!!!

And think it's really awesome that you did your boy Todd Bertuzzi a major favor and displayed your super awesome loyalty to your players and drafted Tyler Bertuzzi, his nephew, and a guy who will be a career 4th liner at best in the 2nd round, because he's just super talented with so much upside!!

Yes...OUR GM HAS LOYALTY TO HIS AGING HAS BEEN VETS......!!! And the Red Wings have and always been a PLAY HERE FOR FAVORS TEAM!!!!.....Play here and get Favors !!!!

Because God Forbid,....those young guys don't deserve anything at all....I mean all Danny DeKeyser, Gustav Nyquist, Tomas Tatar, Damien Brunner, and Joakim Andersson didn't do shit for this team last year except provide the spark necessary to make the playoffs, and even win a Series!!!!

And Right Now all Danny DeKeyser is to this team is the best defenseman on the team and maybe one of the best Defenseman under 25 in the NHL!!!

But im sure that you will do the right thing and get rid of him and Johnathan Ericcson so you can re-up Kyle Quincey, make him the highest paid defenseman in the NHL, re-sign Daniel Alfredsson to a 7 year contract, bring Mikeal Sammuelson back to help this team's Bench to ice time scoring ratio, and sign Danny Cleary again for comic relief on the Red Wings so we can watch him continuously fall over, and laugh about how all the guys on waivers are better than him!!!

And I know that you're going to handle all of the Red Wings prospects properly over the next few years !!!! It's safe to say that Anthony Mantha will have a solidified spot on the Detroit Red Wings when he is age 28!! I mean Mantha is tearing up the QMJHL right now and is probably a bonafied top 15 prospect in all of hockey with the skills to be an elite goal scorer in the Red Wings organization in the mold of James Neal. Detroit is 22nd in goals scored, so they don't need him right now or anytime soon

And Gustav Nyquist will be of retirement age by the time the Red Wings actually call him up permanently which sounds about right because he'll fit in better, and I assume Cleary, Sammuelson, and Bertuzzi will all have roster spots until they are of Chris Chelios age !!! Who knows? Maybe you might even bring Chris Chelios out of retirement to hold a roster spot from our young guys because they need to be "OVERRIPE" to play in the NHL!!

Other GM's do not come close to matching Ken Holland LATELY!!! I mean GM Yzerman: keeps all his young guys on the team, does not send people down and up every week. Record: 14-5-0

Outdated can't make up his mind Kenny: Sends people down and up every week, can't keep people together so players can get to know each other and learn their own skills, etc. Record: 9-5-6

It's SO GREAT And Awesome, to see the REAL MAN Responsible For Detroit's Success: Jimmy Nill head to Dallas and has his team playing Excellent Hockey...6-2-2 in the last 10 and man did he hire the right guy so far in Lindy Ruff.... 5th place and the Wildcard doesn't sound that impressive, but out West with a really young team and in ULTRA Tough division, Nill's Star's have fared well.....and.

Ken Holland...This upcoming offseason I have TOTAL FAITH in YOU!!!!


The Young 23 year old soon to be RFA Danny DeKeyser, im sure will contend for the Calder and you'll make sure that you'll pay the Detroit Red Wings Senior's tour in Cleary, Sammuelson, Bertuzzi, and Alfredsson first because those guys are such priorites at this stage in their careers and then maybe you'll get into a contract dispute with him and his agent !!! Sounds like a plan Ken Holland !! Best GM in Sports!!!!

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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