Wings vs Canes (A Visiting Fan's Perspective from Facebook)

I am posting this on behalf of Mark Proulx (mark_proulx_53) who was not able to do so himself. Here are some great pictures and observations from that night.

Though born and raised in Detroit, I moved away in 1976. Now that my family lives elsewhere in Michigan, I don’t often make it to Detroit and it is rare for me to be in town when the Red Wings are home. Nonetheless, the stars aligned when business took me to the D during the week of November 18. I purchased a couple of tickets to the ‘Canes game and invited my Uncle to drive in from Lansing to meet me at the game.

I’ve only been to one other game at JLA since it was built after I left town, so this was a real treat. Came in through the Gordie Howe Entrance:


We made our way to section 107 to find that we had some really good seats:


Seeing the banners was really special:


One thing that I found odd was the astonishing number of empty seats. I would bet that the arena was only 80 percent full. Does anyone know if the empty seats are unsold or simply unoccupied? It seemed exceedingly strange to me. The upside of this is that it was still possible to navigate the concourse - if the place were fully occupied, it would be nearly impossible to move out there.

Another element of the experience that made a real impression on me was the exceedingly courteous and helpful arena staff. Given the cost of tickets, parking, and grub, you have every right to expect first-class treatment from the staff, and they did not disappoint!

As seems to be the case with all event centers in this day and age, the P.A. system and audio system volumes were jacked to painfully high levels. Since I spend much of my work day around factory equipment and operating jet engines, I routinely carry a set of earplugs, and fortunately, I had them on me. It was a bit of a nuisance to jam them in during stoppages in play, but it beats going deaf.

I won’t attempt to duplicate the masterful game recap posted by J.J. from Kansas, so I’ll just note a few impressions:

The boys came out on fire in the first period – Gustav (where have you been all my life?) Nyquist stuffed one in right away and got the crowd into it. The period was good – both teams had lots of jump; the action was wide open. Clean play meant few penalties.

With Helm making it 2-0 early in the second period, you had the awful feeling that we were going to sit back on our heels, take stupid penalties, or both, and sure enough, we did. Before too long, we were knotted at 2-2. Things looked bleak when we ended up having to kill a 5-on-3, but this turned into one of the highlights of the game when Pasha earned his entire game paycheck by nearly single-handedly killing it. It was an amazing thing to watch.

After the Wings converted on a 5-on-3 power play in the third, Our Man Nyquist dazzled everyone in the building with a beautiful breakaway-deke-goal to make it 4-2. Good thing, too, as we decided to stop playing at the 18-minute mark and let in a shorthanded goal.

Nonetheless, we prevailed, broke the lousy home winless streak and had one hell of a good time:


Thanks to Mark for sharing.

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