Griffins/Icehogs Live Report

I was at the Griffins-Icehogs game yesterday afternoon ( and have some thoughts on what I saw:

  • Real quiet first period from both teams. Almost felt like a playoff game with how tight-checking it was. Neither team wanted to give any type of advantage.
  • First goal came over halfway thru the game from Tristan Grant. Good fourth line goal (I believe they're the fourth line, I only get to see GR when they come to Chicago or Rockford) where the puck was thrown at the net, it bounced off a few people, and lay right in the crease for Grant to shovel it home.
  • The game picked up a lot after it was proven that you actually could score a goal
  • Second goal came about 4 min after Grant's on a nice tip by Pulkkinen off a Jeff Hoggan shot. As an aside, I've been a longtime Chicago Wolves fan and have equated Hoggan to tougher version of Darren Haydar, who played a yr in GR in between stints with Chicago. Please let me know if that is accurate or not.
  • After that goal the Griffs began to kinda settle in and try to protect their two goal lead, which has been proven time and time again by the Wings and all other hockey teams to be exactly what you DON'T want to do.
  • Rockford controlled most of the third, including scoring a PP goal about halfway through the period. McCullom never saw the shot through screen of two guys. McCullom was solid, and spectacular late in the game when GR really needed him to be.
  • The dagger came with about a min and half left when Glendening made a great move through a Icehog defender, slid the puck to Sheehan who found Landon Ferraro on the doorstep for a gorgeous goal. If there's one goal you should seek out from this game, it's definitely this one.
Other random observations:
  • Ice conditions were atrocious. Both teams had to adjust to the ice being covered w/ several inches of snow halfway through each period. Hard to play the puck possession style both teams were trying to employ.
  • Nyquist was definitely keyed on by Rockford and consequently did not do much. Seemed like he was trying to do too much by making moves through Icehog defenders when he could make simpler plays like chipping the puck off the boards and beating them on speed
  • Nothing makes me happier than seeing Rockford fans flying to the exits after a late goal. I've been going to games against the Griffins and Wolves since the Icehogs came into the AHL and it makes me happy every time.
  • Seriously, fuck Rockford.
I plan on doing this for the other Griffins-Icehogs games in Rockford that I have tix for and if I can get to a Griffins-Wolves game or two I'll do this for those as well. I live about a hr from both arenas so they're not hard to get to. Never done a recap like this before so any questions/suggestions are welcome.


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