USA Warriors are Coming to Hockeytown

USA Warriors

Good morning fellow Wings Fans!

My name is Craig - I am a United States Marine currently stationed in Northern Virginia and I am originally from Lake Orion. I am also a volunteer with the USA Warriors Ice Hockey Program, which is the reason I am sending this note to you.

We are a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization based out of Rockville, MD that seeks to use the sport of ice hockey as a rehabilitative tool for combat-wounded and service-disabled veterans. We have both a standing and a sled team - and a roster of about 60 active players. Many of our guys and gals are still patients at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and their involvement with the USA Warriors is excellent rehab - for the body and the mind! The USA Warriors got their start in 2008 with just a handful of guys, but as I said before, we now have an active roster of 60ish players who love hockey and have overcome just about every obstacle you can think of to get back on the ice, where the camaraderie and physicality of hockey help all of us in our recovery more than I can explain in words.


This coming weekend, December 14-16, we will be in Hockeytown to play in a series of games, culminating with a game on the 16th at Comerica Park (how awesome is outdoor hockey?!?!) versus Soldier On, a Canadian wounded warrior program similar to ours.

We are looking to reach out to anyone and everyone that (a) would be interested in coming out to see some really inspiring guys play the greatest sport on earth, and (b) garner as much attention for the USA Warriors as we can!

We are bringing a roster of 16 standing players and some USA Warriors staff to make this great weekend happen; we arrive on the 14th the USA Warriors will take to the ice for a "friendly" against a local rec team at Onyx in Rochester at 9:30p.m. - followed by a game on the 15th against the Ford Motor Company team on the ice at UofM Dearborn at 10a.m. And then the fun starts! We will be attending the Red Wings game on Sunday evening, and on Monday the 16th our tilt against Soldier On at Comerica begins at 8:30a.m.

If you are interested in coming out to be blown away by the skill and dedication of a group of guys who have sacrificed so much - and to talk to some of the guys to find out how important the USA Warriors program is to them in their recovery - please let me know!

Check out the USA Warriors at and Like us, follow us, come out and see us!

Thanks for your time! Please pass this on - Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc, etc....every bit of help counts!

None Tougher,



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