Game Recap: Islanders 3 at Red Wings 0

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

A bad first period, a terrible everything else.

What started out as an overly stale game turned ugly in a hurry.

The course of about six minutes in the first period would ultimately provide the only scoring that this game would see, and the eventual downfall of a Red Wings team that was supposedly out of the dog house.

Midway through a highly uneventful opening frame, John Tavares got hungry. Tavares hit a post and missed a separate chance for a goal before catching Brendan Smith on a bad pinch along with a misplay on a two on one by Kyle Quincey. John Tavares, one of the best players in the world, slid a picture perfect pass to Kyle Okposo for the game's opening goal. 1-0 Islanders.

The crisp, white sweaters of the Wings would get bloodier as Michael Grabner threw a wild knuckler (thanks to an errant Detroit stick) at Mrazek on a strange play, making it 2-0. Just under the seventeen minute mark, Casey Cizikas roofed a shot right in front of the blue paint to make it three-zip. The play came off of a negated icing (Islanders beating the Wings to the puck) and the Red Wings puck watched.

The rest of the game saw some pressure from the Wings, even a few grade a scoring chances, but nothing would result as once again, the Red Wings fail to find any answers on home ice. The team put on one of the ugliest displays of professional hockey that has been seen in Joe Louis Arena by the home team in quite some time.

The Red Wings now have one regulation win in their last eleven games.

If you are under the age of thirteen or you would like to not have to hear another rant for this evening, now's your chance to pack it in. CSSI goes up in a few hours.

I may lose my dignity come tomorrow evening, but I don't really care. The injury-laden, out-played, mediocre, young, "talent infused" Red Wings have shown once again that they are in over their heads.

First off, Kyle fucking Quincey is continually left out on the ice to embarrass himself and his teammates over and over again. I don't care that he's not the sole reason as to why this team is failing, and I absolutely don't give a single shit that other guys are also not playing as well. WHEN A GUY IS MINUS THREE IN A SIX MINUTE SPAN, HIS ASS NEEDS TO SIT. PERIOD.

Out of all players to stay healthy, this guy avoids the injury bug? Really hockey gods? Are you all Hawks fans? The guy doesn't fit in here and it's clear that he needs to go. It's a shame that the cap won't allow it.

Speaking of cap issues, can somebody stick a pacifier up Daniel Cleary's ass? The guy tries to do too much and he has provided absolutely nothing for this roster. Nothing. Tonight's fuck up on a two on one late in the game all but proves that he's in over his head. He was watching the puck and gave the puck right up to the Islanders.

Stephen Weiss, I know you were injured tonight, but fuck you for doing nothing productive since Carolina. Darren Helm, get well soon, sure, but STOP INJURING YOURSELF EVERY FIVE DAYS. ENOUGH!

The Griffins have to stop being so pensive and shoot the damn puck. Joakim Andersson needs to gain some G-d damn finish. Hell, maybe throw Corey Crawford back in net for every opposing team so he can knucklepuck it into the net. FUCK!

And for fuck's sake. What the hell happened to home ice dominance? The one place the Red Wings used to be unstoppable is no longer a sanctuary. It's as if somebody asked Pierre McGuire to jack off all over the ice and the players are afraid to skate due to any possible leftover semen. The way they stood still tonight, it looked like that.

Why is it that even though this team has been losing as of late, they look like they just don't give a fuck about hockey anymore? About life? Why the hell does a team decide, "Oh hey, we won two games so let's give our home crowd the distinct pleasure of losing to one of the worst teams in the league, and right before a major holiday!"



You want to know why Jimmy Howard had no confidence before his injury? His team gave him nothing to be confident of. The Wings look lost, and they look like they have given up. Sure, maybe it's their injuries catching up to them, and sure, it could be that some people, beyond those playing on the ice, are in over their heads.

For once in his career, Kenny Holland fucked up big time in the offseason, and for once, he realizes that the one thing that the city of Detroit has had pride in over the last two decades is in danger of ending on his watch. For once, he's in danger of watching the ship sink, and he doesn't know what the fuck to do. Even if he did, there's no possible way that the other twenty nine fish would bite at any bait.

Maybe a break will do this squad some good. Maybe the ex-Griffins will mature, and just maybe, all of the Red Wings' problems will disappear. Hell, let's give Jordin Tootoo another shot!

For now, the only thing that this Red Wings team has given me the inspiration of doing is the action of throwing all of my belongings everywhere, in this little six by six room that I'm sitting in. All I want to do is yell the magical catch phrase of, "Fuck it."

I'm done.

Merry Christmas.

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