Questionable Decision's



Over the last 3 years and continuing in the early stages of this young season I have witnessed a great number of decisions that were perplexing to say the least. Sure babcock has earned his pay-rate and status as one of the leagues premiere coaches although babcock's early success with the Wing's was a byproduct of a great team and players as well as the hard work of scotty assistants barry smith and dave lewis that helped pave the way for the 08 championship run. And lets be realistic with regards to team Canada's gold medal in 2010, it was all but guaranteed that Canada would have taken either silver or gold but as luck would have it babcock also has a gold medal to his coaching accolades thanks to gm steve for picking him, would it have made any difference if Steve had named Larry Robinson, or J lemaire, or sutter, no not at all. As much as I dont like babcock and the poor desicions he makes on a regular basis I don't let that cloud my reasoning in recognizing him as a GOOD Hcoach.

But watching the game yesterday afternoon just further validated my feelings, Like why in the hell are guys like Abdelkader and d miller on the ice in the games most critial situations, You have a fourth liner in miller who cant even accept a pass losing it off his skates causing a give away in the defensive zone cant get off the ice to make a change even though he had been on the ice well over 30 seconds, but then I see Abdelkaer jump over the boards meaning the coach had that line set up to try and uphold the lead. Miller who is a poor skater at best fails to get the puck out of the zone late resulting in the tying goal.

There is a reason Mr. Bowman is the winning-est coach in all of sports, he didnt have the marty lapoints, brent gilchrists on the ice in critical pk situation or end of game 6 on 5 he had # 91 who he single hand-idly turned into one of the best defensive forwards in the league on the ice and he had his captain on the ice. Your best players should be on the ice for all crtical situations, and dont tell me abdelkader and miller are defensive specialists because they are nothing of the sort, abdelkader is becoming more of a liability than ever racking up PM's. We currently have the leagues top star and arguably best defensive forward to ever play and he is on the bench. Datsuk is averaging around 20 min a game and only played 19 minutes yesterday against LA. Your top stars should be averaging around 25 minutes a game. Its only until recently that I'm starting to notice that babcock is putting 40 & 13 on the pk but why did it take so long. A qualified fourth liner like draper was a pk specialist only because of his speed, you cant have a poor skater like miller on the ice in those situations, or what happened yesterday will happen frequently.

just a couple of the many other poor decisions that come to mind....

1) having Ian white on the PP with nick last year when the guy cant hit the net to save his life he shouldn't ever be on the PP until he can get his shot on net.

2) having samuelson at the point on the pp in the past

3) having hudler in the top three for SO over guys like franzen, thank God that panzy hudler is gone

4) making d miller a healthy scratch when the wings went to buffalo to face his brother with the miller family in attendance only to put miller back in the lineup the very next game what a joke.

5) letting 5 hole howard rush back into start although not yet fully healed after J macdonald was on fire with a several game win streak thus snapping the home win streak last year.

Maybe I feel the way I do because Mr. Bowman set the standard to near unachievable proportions. Either way im not a fan.

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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