Disgruntled HS Goalie Throws Puck in Own Net

Thought this was hilariously awesome and it happened a half an hour drive from where I live. Wanted to share with you guys despite it having nothing to do with the Wings. Video in link at the bottom.

Tuesday was Senior Night at Farmington (Minn.) High School, and senior goaltender Austin Krause was among those honored. But Krause wasn't particularly in the mood. He has spent this season being demoted to backup, losing playing time to a sophomore. This was just Krause's ninth start in 23 games. According to a team manager (via Puck Daddy), Krause had been planning to quit. He finally did so, spectacularly.

With three minutes remaining, and Farmington up by one, Krause corralled the puck behind the goal. The video picks up there as he skates it in front and casually slips it into his own net. He sends a middle finger to his bench, fires off a salute, and skates back to the locker room. The game was tied, and Farmington—with a third-string goalie in net, the sophomore was out with an injury—would concede another goal a minute later to lose.

Garrett Paulzine, the Chaska senior credited with the tying goal because he was the last to touch it, called it the goal of the year and dubbed himself a sniper.

Minnesota high school hockey blog Follow The Puck has been filling in some of the details, and it sounds like this goaltender controversy has really been tearing Farmington apart. Follow The Puck calls it "a season-long feud" involving the goalies and their families. I guess it had to boil over eventually—just not necessarily on the ice in a one-goal game. This is surely Krause's last high school game, and most likely the last non-beer-league start of his career. What a special Senior Night.

One of the comments that accurately reflects my take on the matter as a goalie from fifteen years of playing, ending in HS.

Not surprised it happened. I was/am a goalie and we are a different breed entirely. Yes we play on a team but to us, it isn't a team sport (it's hard to explain exactly what I mean). Our only job is to stop the puck, that's it. We are left alone in a small blue half circle and get hard pieces of frozen rubber shot at us that can reach 100MPH, most of us are insane.

When I played competitively, no one on the team would talk to me once I had my pads on. I would stare at some spot on the floor or something on the wall and for 30 minutes just clear my mind. Once I hit the ice, no one on my team would try and talk to me. They give me a tap on the pads, say nice save and skate away. That's just how I was.

I would have pulled something just like this if it happened to me and a lot of other goalies would have as well. When we play bad, we know it, (though it is never the goalies fault) and we then understand why we got pulled or the other guy got the start. We get that but from what I've quickly read up on this, that isn't what happened. A coach being a dick because he doesn't like you OR your parents/brother/uncle/guy you talked to once and taking away you're starts deserves shit like this.

People who didn't grow up in minor hockey have no idea the politics that are played. Come up to Canada and talk to an average minor hockey parents about politics in hockey, it's horrible. I once got cut from a team because my brother who is 3 years older then me and my parents filed a complaint against a coach for being a douchebag (the story is long but they were in the right). 2 months into the season, the coach who cut me called, said his goalies were brutal and he shouldn't have cut me. Told him to go fuck himself (I think I was 12, my dad laughed) since I had just gotten my release from that city and was about to start playing for the rival city where we beat them every god dam time.

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