The Cannon's Gameday Coverage & 3 Questions

As the Wings prepare to take on the Blue Jackets tonight, we once again reached out to those who know our enemies best to get some insight to the teams. We've got Dan Parker from The Cannon here to help us out.

You can check out The Cannon's Gameday Coverage here.

1.Oh say AUCOIN you see an improvement in the Jackets so far or are they still struggling?
The Jackets can be hit-or-miss. They've been notorious for slow starts in games (fell behind 2-0 in the first in Minnesota on Tuesday and 3-0 in the first to St. Louis on Thursday), though they tend to right the ship and work they way back into games. That said, their margin for error is so razor-thin due to their lack of talent up front. They're a little banged up right now, too, so consistency and continuity have been tough to come by. They'll come out one night and play with Chicago for 60 minutes, and then come out another night and let Minnesota skate all over them for 10 or 15 minutes.

2. So far Sergei Bobrovsky's stats haven't BOLL'd anyone over. Is it just adjusting to the defense that's hurt?
The defense certainly hasn't done him a ton of favors. He gave up three goals in less than a period before getting pulled on Thursday, so that's certainly not all on the defense. But all three of those chances came after some bone-headed plays in front of him; the Jackets also had two defensemen making their season debuts on Thursday. Red Wings fans have seen what he's capable of when he's really locked in. You just never know if it's all going to come together on a given night.

3. Is the roster more or less DORSETT, or do you foresee the team making any near-term changes to either move around some guys or get a guy like Ryan Murray a dip of NHL experience this season?
Well, Murray would be playing if he weren't injured. He blew out his rotator cuff playing in juniors during the lockout and had to have surgery. Otherwise, the belief was that he'd be playing in the NHL, especially since he was too young for the AHL this year. Injuries have forced their hand early, as they recalled two AHLers (Tim Erixon, who came over in the Nash deal, and Jonathan Audy-Marchessault, who was signed to the AHL this off-season) this week to fill spots vacated by injuries. In terms of trade, well, they would probably be willing to move some pieces, though they don't have much in the way of tradeable assets--at least none they'd consider parting with. The guys they would be willing to move mostly are under-performing relative to their (in some case bloated) contracts, so they aren't attractive pieces.

Thanks, Dan.

Let's go Red Wings!

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