CSSI Analysis: WIM vs. GallopingGreg

J.J.'s season-long look at correcting the stats for context is adapted with an in depth analysis of Graham Hathway's Wednesday morning article- Dan Dekeyser: Make It So Kenny. There's a lot in the comments that deserves to make it in here that there just isn't room for, check the original threads here, and here.

After a nice 3 game winning streak on their west coast road trip, the Red Wings fandom found themselves staring at an awfully long break before the ungodly late puck drop for the Thursday night game against the San Jose Sharks. With nothing to look forward to but the NHL trade deadline, and an unsigned NCAA free agent, it had all the makings of a very slow day for WIM.

It was not to be so, Graham's post on Dan Dekeyser, the 6'3" 200 lb defenseman from Western Michigan was described as an ideal target for the Red Wings. As an ideal target due to his ties to the Red Wings organization, and the lack of financial or draft based restrictions in signing him, led Graham to believe that his signing could be reasonably considered a large issue for the Red wings organization. Commenter GallopingGreg took poorly to this insinuation, and the resulting game of words unified the Red Wings fanbase in a way the team never could.

Moderator-Troll Rankings

The WIM Staff was out in force in this one. J.J. and Graham LastNameMayVary did a great job keeping control of the flow of the thread. At every crucial moment they were able to counter GallopingGreg and prevent the name calling from devolving too far. A truly humorous example was made out of the entire sequence, and I don't believe it's unreasonable to award the Entire WIM staff a +2 rating, as well as a clear +1 in the head-to-head.

The Comments
First Period- 54th Comment- Troll flaming by GallopingGreg (Unassisted)

After a sequence of perfectly reasonable discussion of Dekeyser's merits as a future wing, and some debate over the usage of young players in the Detroit system under Babcock and Holland, Greg picked up his keyboard along the halfboards of his own insanity and carried it deep into the WTF zone, firing a shot intentionally wide, and scoring some serious confusion.

If this site is to be taken seriously, then it is going to have to do much, much better than Graham Hathaway’s sophomoric analysis of the Dan Dekeyser situation.
To insinuate the signing of Dekeyser is a critical point in the team’s continued success is downright silly. And I’m being kind.

This is a strong opening salvo, and is actually closer to reason than he spends during much of the thread, as such I'll wipe half his minus, on its own, it's easy to view this comment as a mistake. Graham will also be awarded a bonus plus for thinking quickly on his feet, and responding strongly to his misspelled name, as well as a clear and well reasoned response.

First Period- 68th Comment- Troll flaming by GallopingGreg (Unassisted)

SNIP. But he is — BY ALL ACCOUNTS — one or two years away from playing regularly for a good team. That is fact, and that can be found in analysis by almost every scout/expert tied to the NHL in some legitimate form. SNIP

That is a fact readers. I'm going to award Greg a Bonus Minus for failing to cite anyone out of all his accounts. Graham will once again recieve a bonus plus for a strong reply, centered around the food network or something.

First Period- 114th Comment- Logic and Reason by Slapshot Goal. Assisted by EVERYONE

Slapshot wins the early draw after an extended series of call and response between Greg and WIM's top line of Graham, J.J., Josh. He tears into Greg's poor presentation, while acknowledging there may be some strong points to his argument.

If you wrote an “article” in the same way you’ve posted comments here, you’d be laughed out of any respectable establishment, who had any shred of credibility, standards or common sense.

This one a good attempt to bridge the gap back to reason, and it's not his fault that the trolls refuse to listen to reason. This comment has so far garnered 8 recs, and Slapshot Goal will receive a bonus plus.

First Period- Screw it- Birth of a meme by AppState, assisted by GallopingGreg.

Greg finds himself deep in his own zone with most of WIM bearing down on him, so he puts his head down and heads hard for the blue line using a new form of logic

Mr. Hathway said not signing Dekeyser would be devastating. Not true.
Mr. Hathway said the Wings lack defensive depth. Not true.
Mr. Hathway said Ian White could be moved for something of value (something the Wings need). Not true.

AppState pounces on the ad hominem cesspool, and starts a revolution at WIM.

You have a very interesting, maybe even revolutionary, way of backing up your arguments.

I’m going to give it a try.

  • NASA said the moon is in space. Not true.
  • The ocean contains salt water. Not true.
  • Apples are fruit. Not true.

By God, you are a genius

This comment has a criminally low 5 recs, as such I'll be awarding a bonus plus and a half to AppState. Anyone could have turned around and laughed at GG, he thought quickly, and managed to really create an impressive play.

First Period- Counting Hurts- Logic'd. By J.J. from Kansas (Unassisted)

After a long rut in the comments of Greg's rationale slowly deteriorating and random WIM commentors revelling in the unexpected levity, J.J. comes out of nowhere, straight up serious faced.

I imagine your top hat popping off in a blast of steam as you wrote this.

Excellent job hammering “sophomoric” into a sentence where it only tentatively fits the context of what you’re trying to say

He moved into a solid rehashing of the entire logical framework of the WIM argument, and explained exactly why he didn't appreciate Greg's reactions. It was a solid play, while maintaining the proper aloofness for a site moderator. J.J. will receive a bonus plus, but I will also award a bonus half plus to literally every other non-greg commenter. Everyone did a good job of trying to explain their positions, and this thread didn't become the name-calling and swear fest it easily could have devolved into.

First Period- Toward the end I guess?- Reverse troll win by J.J. from Kansas

WIM was treated to a real circus when a totally not GallopingGreg Greg(some numbers) showed up to back up GG, rehashing pretty much the exact same arguments, but acting like much more a a fuckpuppet (+1 to Brion, that was brilliant).

The real Greg is going to be mad when he comes in here and realizes he's not the worst Greg around here anymore

J.J. manages to have a little fun here, and gets in a pretty decent burn. I'll award him half of a self assist.

Second Period- The thread itself- Creating a 2nd period thread, J.J. from Kansas (assisted by everyone)

In a WIM first, J.J. from Kansas creates a Second Period Thread purely to make fun of a troll. It was a resounding success, and as such J.J. will receive a bonus plus, and a self assist.

Second Period- 27th Comment- AppState pulls out an Epic Rap Battle Meme (assisted by slapshotgoal)

Mr. Rogers is a boss

Nuff Said. No Adjustment on the play.

Second Period- 33rd Comment- Serious Green for Vreeland2 (35 assists)

My reason for writing this post, I attempted to defend GG's points, as I believe there's always support for an argument to be found on the internet, no matter how absurd. But I literally couldn't find anything that said Dekeyser wasn't at least close to ready, or much of anything else. The 35 recs were unexpected, and as such everyone receives a bonus plus.

Second Period - I quit again - Proper improper us of meme. Graham Hathway (Unassisted)


And not once did Greg ask me “did you even play the game?”

I am disappoint

6 recs for Graham, and a bonus plus from me. This was a great line, and perfectly captures the overall spirit of the second thread.

Penalty Adjustments

First Thread (Throughout)- GallopingGreg and assorted pseudonyms (Unsportsmanlike Conduct): This was simply sophmoric and uncalled for. True. GG was way out of left field, picked a fight that didn't need to be picked, and failed to cit his sources in a way that makes me want to copy/paste wikipedia straight into a lab report or thesis. GallopingGreg receives 50 minuses. A rough estimate of how many times he ventured a comment. Blech.

First Thread (Throughout)- GallopingGreg and assorted pseudonyms (Instigating): Honestly, Greg was here to troll and pick a fight. He never quite crossed that last line to get the banhammer dropped though, and the WIM community and staff did a decent job of keeping everything civil and under control. +1 to everyone

Bonus Ratings

+2 to Graham Hathway: Graham never rose to the bait, despite his last name being used similarly to Kurt's over at Bless You Boys. He was constantly a few steps ahead of his opposition in this one, and had some serious scoring chances while busily burning straw men.

+1 to J.J. from Kansas: Played just as well as Graham, but didn't have the same personal attacks levelled against him. Still pushed the play well, and lead excellently by example.

+1 to Everyone: Seriously, great job to the community. I tend to live in the shadows and read rather than comment, so events like yesterday's are a dream come true. The more frequent regulars and commenters of WIM were all over the ice tonight, making things happen. If these new jokes can persist through the rest of the season, it's all going to be due to you. Well done.

+1 to GallopingGreg: as suggested in the comments, Greg did do a great job of basically touching every base on how not to be a rational human being on the internet, and provided excellent entertainment for everyone in the absence of red wings hockey. Well done Greg!

Honorable Mentions

I couldn't bring myself to give Greg more than 50 minuses at any given time, but he may have deserved it. True. I couldn't justify individual bonuses for anyone other than Graham and J.J., mainly because I'm closing in on 1700 words and I'd like at least one person to make it to the end of this.

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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