Comment in regards to your classy "Ducks Eulogy" (Hatemail!)

Hey folks,

I'm putting this in FanPosts because I don't want to turn the whole front page into a celebration of how awesome my eulogy was or how dumb people who hate me for it are, but I also wanted to share this because it's my first real piece of hatemail and it's gloriously dumb. Here you go:

From Jarrod [Name Withheld]

Oh great hockey know-it-all, I read your eulogy on the Anaheim Ducks; the fact you diss Teemu Selanne shows you have zero credibility. You might just be the most incompetent blogger/journalist/writer of all time. You obviously have never played a competitive sport in your lifetime, and I'm sure this little piece of writing was done in your parent's basement, in between the the switching between World of Warcraft and Skyrim discs.

I am not trying to beat you down, as this Eulogy should be taken with a grain of salt, but the fact that it comes from someone who lives in the toilet of the United States, who's team had just beat the Ducks, your opinions are more of yours and the landfill you live in, rather than from someone with any hockey knowledge whatsoever. And I find it extremely humorous that a citizen of Detroit Michigan can sit there and actually rip on California, let alone the City of Anaheim. Compared to Detroit, Compton CA is a Ritz Carleton.

You are extremely uneducated, and next time you should keep your personal views of the Anaheim Duck, the NHL, or to be frank, any sport in general, to yourself, as it makes you look like a fool. I may not like you or what you stand for, but I'm giving you this free piece of advice; learn about the events you are covering before you spew off your crap to the world. Oh, and one last thing; you think Selanne is too old to be playing in the NHL, but it seems to me you still think the Wings are in the Yzerman/Lidstrom era. They got lucky, and they won't get within sniffing distance of the Hawks in this coming series. I look forward to your glistening, opinionated Eulogy of the Detroit Red Wings in a couple weeks.


My response:


Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you liked the article!

To which he fired back with:

I can tell from your quick response that you probably didn't even read past the first sentence, and I would venture you get a lot of hate mail in regards to your opinions.
Keep up the great work, and keep making your City proud!

Sent from my iPhone

This is fun:


I read your email. I am a very quick reader. I was assuming that since you bothered typing "jjfromkansas" into an email line that your entire paragraph about me being from or in Detroit was as tongue-in-cheek as my Eulogy and that you were making a half-hearted attempt to show appreciation for how awesome my sense of humor is with some obvious sarcasm of your own. I felt you kind of missed the mark and came across a bit angrier than you might have intended, but since you're not an awesome famous writer like I am, I can appreciate that you're still learning.



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