We Love You Tomas: Red Wings 3 - Kings 1

Stephen Dunn

Grit, heart, courage, desire.

These are wonderful things to have as a hockey player. I like stats as much as the next guy, but every once in a while, intangibles become things that make the difference in a hockey game.

That and kick-ass goaltending.

The Red Wings went into LA tonight still licking their wounds after a thorough trouncing at the hands of the Sharks on Thursday night. I don't think too many people foresaw a victory in the Wings' future, but Jimmy Howard made sure that the Wings were going to at least have a chance. His 44 saves (should have been 45 if the correct goaltender interference call had been made) were the difference as the Wings beat the Kings 3-1.

It's late, I'm tired, you're tired, so let's get to it.

  • Daniel Alfredsson was a late scratch for the Red Wings and we've officially run out of injury jokes so you know whatever man.
  • Dustin Brown interfered with Jimmy Howard on the Kings' first goal, which should have been disallowed because no one pushed him into Howard and he did not allow Howard to make the save. Then he had a hysterical dive in the second period. Dustin Brown is American. Have fun cheering for that guy in Sochi, everyone!
  • Congrats to Riley Sheahan on his first NHL goal. Hopefully he cuts the puck in half to give to Tomas Tatar, who was nothing short of brilliant to set up the goal. Seriously, does someone want to buy me a Tatar jersey?
  • Drew Doughty cross-checked Justin Abdelkader from behind and then talked trash to Abby after Abby took exception to the hit. Drew Doughty is Canadian. Have fun cheering for that guy in Sochi, eve......wait, nevermind that whole thing. Drew Doughty is a good guy who just made a dumb hit.
  • Jeff Carter interfered with Jimmy Howa.....you know what I think this joke has run its course.
  • Speaking of Jimmy Howard, anyone have anything negative to say about him after tonight's performance? Hmmmm? I guess "44" is the magical number of saves he needs to make for people to get off his back even when he plays well.
  • There was a sequence in the second period where the Wings were hemmed in their own zone and without even paying close attention I knew that Kyle Quincey and Brian Lashoff were on the ice.
  • Gustav Nyquist is in full-on slump mode. Todd Bertuzzi takes a dumb offensive zone hooking penalty midway through the third period of a time game. Nyquist was -4 in Corsi events tonight while Bertuzzi was -8. Guess who had more time on ice? Suckers, it was Nyquist of course.
  • Tatar scored late in the third period and then pointed up at the sky to honor his father who passed away yesterday. Tomas, our sincere condolences on the loss of your father, and know that he's watching you tear up the league and is very proud. Excuse me, it's getting dusty in here.


via i.minus.com and Bonk's Mullet

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