CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 1 - Blues 4

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This was the first game in a while where the Wings have been simply beaten in all areas of the contest. There's not really a moral victory to be gained from this 4-1 loss. The Wings fought hard when they could and remained in their system pretty well, but this loss wasn't about luck; it was about being the inferior team on the ice.

The refs stayed busy here, handing out 11 penalties. I thought the standard was consistent if a bit loose. Detroit had six chances, including a lengthy 5-on-3 and got their lone goal with the power play. Meanwhile, St. Louis went 1/5 on their way to the victory, racking up an impressive 39-23 shot advantage.

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Jimmy Howard got himself turned around and victimized on the first goal, then didn't see the next two which got by him thanks to very effective screen-work on a couple plays where shooting lanes from up high were left too open. Petr Mrazek stopped all but the one shot he didn't expect: the puck off his own teammate's ass.

The Goals

1st Period 11:13 - St. Louis Goal: Magnus Paajarvi (backhand) from Chris Stewart and Roman Polak
The Blues get the first goal of the game on a behind-the-net scramble that ends up with the puck deflecting in off the back of Howard. The Blues dump it out of their own end on a play that should perhaps be icing while the Wings change behind the play. Jurco and Paajarvi race for it, but the linesman waves off the icing with plenty of time to go. Paajarvi ties up Jurco and kicks it farther to the corner where Quincey overskates it, allowing Roy to collect and feed back to Polak at the point. Polak shoots it low through traffic where Howard stops it. The Rebound is nearly pushed in behind him on the back door as Stewart gets a whack at it which is stopped by DeKeyser. The puck bounces back around behind the net where Paajarvi collects. As Paajarvi skates from Howard's left around to his right, he takes the opportunity left him when Howard jumps across his crease in reaction to the Stewart shot. As the goaltender tries to recover spinning back into his own goal, he ends up kicking in the Paajarvi shot which comes from behind the goal line. Bertuzzi will have his minus cleared as the only player whose zone isn't affected here. Sheahan is unfortunate to have the Polak shot come through him, but he will keep his minus for not blocking and even partially screening it. DeKeyser will keep his minus. The play to prevent Stewart from scoring outright is ok, but preventing the shot altogether should be his aim. Jurco will get an extra minus. More hustle on this play probably earns the icing call that would have otherwise happened. Also, he gets beaten cleanly on the forecheck here. Quincey will also get a minus for whiffing on the first time he comes back on the puck and then not blocking the post as Paajarvi comes around.

1st Period 19:33 - Detroit Goal (PP): Gustav Nyquist (wrist shot) from Henrik Zetterberg and Riley Sheahan
Detroit pulls even on the power play with a good cross-ice pass and then an even better job of patiently outwaiting a bobble to put the puck into the net by Nyquist. Zetterberg gains the zone on the left wing while Sheahan jumps over the line with him at center and Nyquist enters on the far right side. Two defenders converge on Zetterberg, who beats the pressure with a saucer pass to Sheahan cutting in. Sheahan gloves the pass down and tries to shoot, but has the attempt blocked by Bouwmeester in the middle. As Sheahan glides to the corner dragging both Bouwmeester and Pietrangelo, the puck comes right to Zetterberg's stick just as Tatar enters the top of the crease and Nyquist arrives at the back door. Z feeds it behind Schwartz to Nyquist all alone with room. Goose bobbles the puck momentarily, allowing Halak to get over. Instead of shooting it here, Nyquist regathers the puck to his forehand, sliding it around Halak and then putting it into the net. Good play here on the zone entry to make a bit of luck, but no adjustment.

2nd Period 01:01 - St. Louis Goal: Barrett Jackman (slap shot) from Alex Steen
The Blues take the lead early in the 2nd on a 4-on-4 thanks to a screened slapper from the point that tips off a Red Wings player and sneaks past Howard. At the start of the 4-on-4, Sheahan loses the in-zone draw and then chases a bit too far, not recognizing a smart switch by Kindl, which allows Steen a chance to feed a streaking Shattenkirk which would create a 2-on-1 if it doesn't miss and roll to the corner. Sobotka is pinned by Dekeyser, allowing Kindl an opportunity to get back to the puck first. Unfortunately, Kindl is knocked to the ice by an on-rushing Steen, who steals the puck as it rolls behind the net. An initial centering attempt bounces off Sheahan's skate as he seals the post and goes back to Steen, who gets it out again, this time to Jackman, who has plenty of time and space to walk the puck to the middle of the ice and unleash a half-slapper that gets through the traffic formed in front of Howard for the goal. In all this, Helm will get his minus halved. The idea for the pass to Shattenkirk off the faceoff is born because Helm isn't covering up the point well enough, but plenty more is wrong with this play. DeKeyser's minus will also be halved. His positioning and puck play is good throughout this play, but he's part of the screen that the goal gets through. Kindl is also part of the screen and is the turnover which leads to this goal. He starts the play well by jumping up knowing Sheahan should be covering low for him, but when it's time to re-switch and let Sheahan chase to the corner, he gets badly beaten by being off-stride, trapping the forward too deep. Kindl will get an extra minus on this error. Sheahan will get a minus for the clean faceoff loss and another half-minus on the Jackman coverage. He can't let this pass get to Jackman or the shot to get through him.

2nd Period 02:21 - St. Louis Goal (PP): Kevin Shattenkirk (wrist shot) from Alex Steen and Derek Roy
The Blues make it 3-1 on the power play on another screened goal, this one from the top of the circle. The Blues win a neutral zone faceoff and gain the zone, happy to move the puck efficiently around the perimeter and taking shots at the screens before collecting loose pucks. Then, at 2:18, the Wings lose the coverage at the top of the zone on a reset pass from Roy to Steen at the top of the umbrella. Cleary aggressively challenges the Roy pass because it's a bit slow. Unfortunately, it connects and Steen makes a very quick play to break the pressure by feeding it to Shattenkirk above the left faceoff circle. Cleary being too far out of position gives Shattenkirk the room to wait for Backes to set up the screen while he moves to the interior top of the circle. Lashoff comes out to try and stop the shot, but is unable to make the block as Howard watches another puck goes by him that he had no chance of seeing. Dan Cleary will get a coverage minus on this play. Aggressively pressuring the PKers is sometimes a very good move, but not when they beat the pressure and score because you draw your own PK out of position.

3rd Period 02:14 - St. Louis Goal: Jay Bouwmeester (Riley Sheahan's ass) from Alex Pietrangelo and TJ Oshie
4-1 St. Louis on a lost faceoff and a goal off a guy's booty meat. One of those games. Kindl makes a pass from his own blue line that doesn't connect with Tatar at center, leading to an icing faceoff. Sheahan loses the facoff cleanly and Pietrangelo goes point-to-point around Tatar. Bouwmeester takes a few steps into the zone and fires a wrister around a Todd Bertuzzi block. The shot is on its way wide of the net where Cracknell and Sheahan are tied up, but it hits Sheahan's crack-knell and gets in behind Mrazek. This goal is shitty luck for Kindl, Tatar, Bertuzzi, and Lashoff, who will all be cleared. Sheahan will get a minus for both losing the faceoff and deflecting the puck into his own net, even if accidentally.

Penalty Adjustments

1st Period 03:07 - Tomas Tatar (holding): On the backcheck, Tatar grabs onto Ryan Reaves and heads to the box for it. Tatar will get a minus. Can't use the free hand to slow a guy down.
1st Period 13:43 - Ryan Reaves (roughing): Jakub Kindl loses an edge and Reaves kneels down to make sure he gets contact with the downed player. This is a dirtbag move, but no adjustment.
1st Period - Drew Miller (elbowing):
Barret Jackman roughs up people away from the puck for an entire shift and Drew Miller goes to the box for elbowing when he tries to make a bit of space away from Roman Polak holding him. No adjustment. This is a bad call.
1st Period 19:08 - Roman Polak (cross-checking): Zetterberg enters the zone and spins at the half-boards to let his team catch up. Polak isn't interested in that and cross-checks Z heavily into the boards. Zetterberg will get a plus.
1st Period 19:46 - David Backes (holding):
Glendening gets in front of Backes on a chase for a loose puck in the Red Wings' zone and gets hauled down by Backes for his trouble. Glending will get a plus for a smart positional play.

2nd Period 00:46 - Tomas Jurco (tripping): On an offensive zone power play faceoff, Tomas Jurco interferes with a St. Louis defender, bringing him down and earning himself a penalty. Jurco will get a minus.
2nd Period 04:05 - Brenden Morrow (interference):
Morrow runs a pick on Lashoff to make room in the Wings' zone and that's not allowed. No adjustment. This is just a bad play by Morrow to make it too obvious.
2nd Period 04:38 - Alex Steen (hooking): The Wings get a 5-on-3 because Steen thinks he can get away with an obvious hook already shorthanded. Zetterberg will get a plus for beating the too-aggressive Steen and forcing this.
2nd Period 08:14 - Darren Helm (tripping): The Wings can't get out of their own zone because a guy who is prone on the ice steals a puck from Helm to create a chance. As the play nears the net, Helm trips up his man and goes to the box. Minus for Helm.

3rd Period 16:22 - Henrik Zetterberg (slashing): Late in the game, the refs can't ignore a supremely obvious penalty as Zetterberg chops the legs out from under Schwartz, who beats him off the boards in the St. Louis zone. Zetterberg will get a minus.
3rd Period 17:24 - Patrik Berglund (high sticking):
Quincey gets busted in the chops by Berglund and the Wings' penalty kill comes to an end thanks to Berglund. No adjustment.

Bonus Ratings


Honorable Mentions:

Not being a minus in this game is as close to good as anybody played overall.

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Season Totals Chart

Screener's Assist Totals

Player Name Screener's Assists Totals
Jonathan Ericsson 1
Johan Franzen 2
Justin Abdelkader 1.5
Todd Bertuzzi 3.5
Tomas Tatar 1
Darren Helm 1
Patrick Eaves 1
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