Gameday Updates: Canadiens at Red Wings

Hey Lapierre, you missed. - Claus Andersen

It's late January, and the NHL decided that only now would be a good time for the Red Wings to see our (re)new(ed) division rival for the first time this season.

Did you know the Montreal Canadiens are our former Original Six rival? I bet you didn't know that.

As overstated as it sometimes seems, the Original Six aspect of Red Wings/ Canadiens actually amps up the game atmosphere considerably. It always seems like these teams pick up where the original rivalry left off, and now they can start sipping a brand new bottle of good old-fashioned Atlantic division Haterade for this game. Along with the Toronto Maple Leafs, this was the other matchup I was most looking forward to this season.

Red Wings


  • The Canadiens have been struggling lately, culminating in their most recent blow up against Pittsburgh which almost resulted in a goalie fight.

  • Never mind the goalie fight. The Canadiens' recent slide has been so bad, it's actually led to a need for a vent post on the Eyes on the Prize blog.

  • When you actually look at the numbers, theyyy kind of have good reason for the vent post. The simpler number is that since a 4-game winning streak in late December, the Canadiens' record is 4-5-2. Unfortunately for our friendly neighborhood French-Canadians, we'd like to see that record drop to 4-6-2 by the end of tonight.

  • Carey Price will man the Canadiens' net tonight.

  • Canadiens' Projected lineup:


    Max "A Million" Pacioretty
    David "Is that how your pronounce it?" Desharnais Brendan "Not Brandon" Gallagher
    Lars "HEY! I scored four goals. Once." Eller
    Tomas "Turtle-turtleneck" Plekanec Brian "Am I next to be traded mid-game?" Gionta
    Rene "Can I go back to Calgary please?" Bourque
    Danny "Local Boy!' Briere Brandon "Not Brendan" Prust
    Travis "What happened to my face?" Moen
    Michael "There's my superfluous u" Bournival Louis "The Canadiens used a first round pick on me" Leblanc


    Andrei "Andrey/ Andriy/ André/ Андрей" Markov
    "I'll probably be putting my team on the" P. K. Subban
    Nathan "You couldn't shove anymore vowels in my name if you tried" Beaulieu
    Josh "Don't fall into the" Gorges
    Douglas "The Canadiens think I'm an NHL defenseman" Murray
    Alexei "Alexey/ Alex/ Alexiy/ Алексей" Emelin


    Carey "Name your" Price
    Peter "I'm probably going to get" Budaj "off the ice"

I will never understand why the NHL decided it was ok not to have every team play each other at least home and home. The lockout last season didn't help since the Red Wings were still in the Western Conference then, but garbage like that is the reason the Canadiens haven't been to Joe Louis Arena in 4 years. FOUR YEARS! Here is a list of things that have happened since the Montreal Canadiens came to the Joe:

  • President Obama was re-elected.

  • The Encyclopaedia Britannica discontinued its print edition.

  • Occupy Wall Street.

  • The death of bin Laden.

  • Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected pope after Benedict XVI resigned.

  • Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine Middleton got married in front of an aggregate audience of about 2 B-B-Billion people.

  • A pastel version of Edvard Munch's The Scream sold at auction for $120 M-M-Million.

  • The 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

So you see, the world gets a little on edge waiting for matchups between the Red Wings and Canadiens.


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