CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 0 - Flyers 5

Drew Hallowell

Hey the Red Wings lost and it was ugly.

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Hey Jonas Gustavsson gave up five goals and it was ugly.

The Goals

1st Period 13:42 - Philadelphia Goal (PP): Scott Hartnell (tip in) from Kimmo Timonen and Claude Giroux
Philly gets the first of the game on an ill-gotten power play with a shot from the point that finds its way through. Glendening wins the PP faceoff, but Philadelphia gets the puck back as they pressure in on Kronwall and force a turnover. Giroux and Timonen cycle along the left side before feeding it to Voracek low to the right for an attempted shot from low in the circle which is blocked and bounces back to Giroux at the top of the circle. As the defense resets, Giroux finds TImonen at the top of the umbrella for a one-timer that Hartnell tips past Gustavsson from just below the hash marks. This is good puck movement by the Flyers and a bit of a scramble caused by a random puck bounce, but Kronwall will get a minus for turning the puck over after Glendening wins the faceoff.

2nd Period 08:08 - Philadelphia Goal: Scott Hartnell (wrist shot) from Claude Giroux
Kronwall pinches to help out the offense and gets his centering pass blocked, leading to an odd-man rush which Hartnell finishes off the feed from Giroux. Forechecking pressure by Jurco, Tatar and Sheahan forces a pass reversal from the corner behind Mason's right up the boards to Jakub Voracek just above the half-boards. Kronwall makes a great play to angle in front of him and pick off this pass, stepping to the outside of the circle before trying to center the puck for Jurco in front or Sheahan coming through the slot. Unfortunately, Giroux blocks this pass at the dot and kicks it ahead to himself turning on the jets and catching Tatar moving the wrong way. Giroux goes up the right wing side with Voracek in the center lane and Hartnell joining on the left. Ericsson is forced to watch Voracek as Giroux crosses into the zone and Tatar can't get back on Giroux fast enough. This opens the passing lane to Hartnell at the top of the circle. Two steps into the slot and Hartnell snaps it past Gustavsson still moving over to square. Sheahan and Jurco will be cleared, as they're behind the play. Ericsson is defending 1-on-3 here and has to be doing what he's doing, so he won't get a minus either. Kronwall's turnover here is a bad one which will earn him a minus. Tatar will also get a minus on the coverage. He's got to maintain the point while Kronner is pinching and instead lets Giroux get behind him.

2nd Period 11:02 - Philadelphia Goal: Adam Hall (backhand) unassisted
A few more minutes of Flyers domination and the Wings find themselves down 3-0 as Adam Hall wins a battle for a loose puck in front and chips it over a sprawling Gustavsson. Tatar shoots it wide on a rush and Raffle combines with Vandevelde to get it past Kronwall at the point and out of the zone to Hall at center. Jurco checks over and forces Hall to dump it in on the left wing side. Sheahan and Ericsson battle for the puck, but Riggy loses his battle and the biscuit ends up at the point where Gustaffson fires a slapper that's tipped by Raffl up high and is stopped by Gustavsson. Hall and Sheahan are moving through the net-front area when the puck deflects and lands in Hall's skates. Sheahan is trying to get around him, but Hall uses body position to shield the puck very well before shoveling it over the sprawling goalie. Tatar will be the only person cleared here. Jurco and Kronwall keep their minuses for having the transition go through them. Ericsson will pick up an extra minus for losing the puck battle low and Sheahan will get a minus for the combination of also having lost this battle and for losing the positional battle to Hall in front.

3rd Period 10:22 - Philadelphia Goal: Claude Giroux (wrist shot) from Scott Hartnell and Jakub Voracek
The Flyers make it 4-0 by outworking the Wings after a failed power play. After just missing a scoring opportunity low, the Flyers get back in the zone as Jakub Voracek beats out three Red Wings for a puck, taking possession back just outside the blue line as Kyle Quincey fails to get a pass just up ice to Glendening. Voracek feeds it back to Hartnell cycling around and entering back into the zone in the center lane with Giroux on his left. Miller skates over to challenge Hartnell at the same time that Ericsson steps up on him just as he gets into the slot. While everybody converges on the center, Hartnell feeds it to Giroux at the top of the circle. The Flyers captain has plenty of space to step into the slot and fire it through Gustavsson. Cleary will have his minus erased, as he's never part of the problem. Glendening will keep his minus for being part of the turnover. Quincey will get a turnover minus and a coverage minus. As soon as he turns it over, Quincey coasts back instead of hustling. This is unacceptable. Ericsson will get a minus and a half for coverage problems, starting with the one that almost nets Giroux the goal ten seconds earlier and then with stepping up on Hartnell after he's already passed the puck off. Miller will earn an extra half-minus. The play by Voracek on the boards at the top of the zone could very easily have been blown down for a trip that knocks Miller down. He's the last man back with Quincey turning it over and doesn't have the wheels to get over and get to Giroux, as he can't step through Hartnell after the pass.

3rd Period 16:09 - Philadelphia Goal: Sean Couturier (wrap-around) from Mark Streit
5-0 Philly on a wrap-around goal ad it least it feels like a rout now. Kronwall throws a cross-ice pass to Cleary in the neutral zone that Cleary simply can't handle, turning it over to Streit on the Philadelphia blue line as the Wings change behind the play. Streit skates up ice on the left side before feeding it to Couturier moving with speed. Eaves having just come off the bench to get to the far side can't get over fast enough and this allows Couturier a lane to pick up speed as he comes down the boards into the zone. Ericsson gets frozen by Couturier threatening to cut to the net front and is unable to slow his man down coming around behind the net. This also freezes Gustavsson to this post because of the speed he's picked up. While this is going on, Lashoff is tying up with Read on the right side, pushing him across the front of the net to keep him from receiving a pass. Unfortunately, this pushes Lashoff very far off the opposite-side post that he should be covering. Glendening adjusts from covering Downie in the slot a half-second too late and races to block off the post on the wrap-around, but instead helps finish it as Couturier puts it into the open net off Glendening's stick. Eaves and Ericsson will get off the lightest by simply keeping their minuses. Both are caught having to make adjustments on a bad turnover and just cant' do enough. Glendening will also only keep his minus, as the adjustment he has to make is extremely tough. If he leaves Downie any sooner, then he's even more responsible when the pass comes out to the slot for the man he should be covering. Lashoff will get a coverage minus for playing Read too aggressively while Cleary will get a turnover minus. The Kronwall pass is right on his stick. There's no excuse for him not to control this puck.

Penalty Adjustments

1st Period 13:18 - Danny DeKeyser (cross-checking): The Flyers are buzzing in the Detroit zone, trying to throw the puck in front and get rebounds. DeKeyser clears the front out on a guy who has the puck on his stick and goes to the box for a cross-check where it's really just a push. This is an awful call. No adjustment.
1st Period 15:05 - Brian Lashoff (diving) and Wayne Simmonds (holding):
The Wings what should be an even-up, except that dirty actor Brian Lashoff. The problem is that Lashoff isn't acting. Simmonds holds him up and he keeps his feet moving trying to battle through the obstruction, going down to one knee temporarily because he's off-balance after being held. It's unfortunate that the ref called it like this because I think it's horseshit. Lashoff will get a plus for drawing a penalty but no minus for this shitty decision by the ref.
1st Period 16:44 - Kimmo Timonen (interference) and Darren Helm (tripping): The reffing standard continues to confound as minors match up again late in the first. This time, we get a rebound from behind the net bounce to Coburn where Jurco and Helm converge. Helm plays the body on Coburn, who falls down and turns it over to Jurco, who turns and fires it on net as Helm skates into Timonen in front of the net getting knocked over. I think both of these calls are weak, so I'm not going to make an adjustment.
1st Period 17:28 - Nicklas Grossman (holding): Tomas Tatar skates into the zone and gets caught by Grossmann, who puts him in a headlock for good measure. This will earn Tatar a plus for the in-zone pressure.

2nd Period 13:53 - Chris Vandevelde (holding): Brendan Smith takes body position on Vandevelde behind the Wings' net and the guy grabs onto his head trying to jump around him. Good play to establish the position. Plus for Smith.

3rd Period 01:47 - Nicklas Grossman (delay of game): The Wings are buzzing around the Flyers' net, earning a scoring opportunity for Sheahan which is negated by Grossmann knocking his own net off the pegs, earning him a penalty. This play is started because of a Flyers' turnover in their own zone. No adjustment.
3rd Period 07:48 - Brayden Schenn (hooking): Jurco gets a step to the inside very briefly and this gets Schenn called for a hook in front. Good play by Jurco, who will get a plus.
3rd Period 07:38 - Brendan Smith (holding): Minus for Smith. Obvious hold here in the Wings' zone to take a penalty.

Bonus Ratings


Honorable Mentions:

Smith and DeKeyser were both even on the night and I think that was well-deserved. In a brutally bad game for the Detroit defense, they played well. Other than that, an overall even rating was a tale of a guy who didn't have an awful night, but the lack of scoring is going to keep anybody from earning up higher.

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Screener's Assist Totals

Player Name Screener's Assists Totals
Jonathan Ericsson 1
Johan Franzen 2
Justin Abdelkader 2.5
Todd Bertuzzi 3.5
Tomas Tatar 1
Darren Helm 1
Henrik Zetterberg 1
Patrick Eaves 1
Daniel Cleary 1
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