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This may come as a surprise to you, but I don't have voting rights for any of the NHL awards. Nonetheless, I always pretend to vote because I think the NHL has the best awards of any team sport. After exhaustive research* I was unable to find out what the ballots actually look like so I've made my best guesstimate of the various ballots. What follows are not predictions for who will win these awards, merely my personal choices.

Most difficult-to-decide Award: Norris

Officially this honors the defenseman "who demonstrates throughout the season the greatest all-round ability in the position." The voting is done by members of the Professional Hockey Writers' Association such as J.J., Jeff, & Graham. I have made this fan post as a template for the e-mail I will send to each of them. I encourage all of you to send your own e-mail to lobby them in the hope that they will vote for a deserving defenseman and not Erik Karlsson.

I'm guessing that each voter gives their choice for 5 defensemen ranked 1-5, so that's what I'll do. When judging D for the Norris I don't care about PP points. If they're on the PP they get 20-30 pts usually. I don't care. Wake me up when someone gets 0.5pts/gm on the PP and I'll give a crap. (Quick, who was the last D to score ≥41pts on the PP?) All of the points listed below are for EV. For the fancy stats I look at different things depending on if the player is on a crap-team or an elite-team. Iff they're on a crap defensive team I give more weight to CF%-rel and if they're on an elite defensive team I give more weight to CF% & GF. To make the short list everyone has to be playing heavy minutes, against hard competition, with difficult starts.

  1. Duncan Keith, Chicago: 3g, 36a (2nd behind Karlsson's 43pts). CF%-close = 57.6 (5th). GF = 49(3rd). Fairly or unfairly I give Keith credit for Seabrook being as good as he is.
  2. Mark Giodano, Calgary : 7g, 17a (okay, probably in top-20). CF%rel = +10.7% (1st by 2.0%, 2.9% more than someone who isn't part of his D-pairing). SF%-rel = +11.6%( 1st by 4.4%, 5.0% more than someone who isn't part of his D-pairing). GF%-rel = +16.4% (3rd).
  3. Zdeno Chara, Boston: 7g, 17a (~top-20). I give Chara credit for everything Boston is... stats matter little to me for Zdeno.
  4. Alex Pietrangelo, St. Louis: 6g, 26a (4th). see above I only give Pietrangelo credit for St. Louis' blueliners.
  5. Matt Niskanen, Pittsburgh: 7g, 24a(tied for 5th). CF%-rel = +7.4% (4th). SF%-rel = +5.8% (5th). GF%-rel = +27.9% (1st, and what-the-hell?). yeah... I'm calling Pittsburgh a crap defensive team, I'm a little surprised too. GF = 48 (4th)

The obvious question: "No Weber?" That's right. The Weber-Jones pairing was an unmitigated disaster and I flat-out blame him for a lot of that.

Obvious follow-up question: "Isn't that a little unfair?" It's my pretend ballot, I'll do what I want.

Calder Memorial Trophy

I'm biased. I like defensive players more than offensive players. This year, I'm not even considering forwards. 2013-14 is the season of the rookie D! I will mark MacKinnon for 5th without comment(I'm again assuming a ballot lists 5 players). Officially this award goes, "to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the National Hockey League." As with the Norris, the actual voting is done by members of the Professional Hockey Writers' Association so don't forget to include your Calder choices in the e-mails to J.J., et al.

  1. Jacob Trouba, Winnipeg: 9g, 16a (2nd for rookie-D). Led rookies in TOI, 22'26". He had a + for plus/minus and he played for Winnipeg. Had tough starts and tough competition. He played for Winnipeg. Byfuglien=0.38pts/gm & Trouba=0.38pts/gm. He played for Winnipeg.
  2. Radko Gudas, Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay has good defense this year, I don't think it's a coincidence. Victor Hedman has had a phenomenal year, I don't think it's a coincidence. He reminds me of Konstantinov. He reminds Mickey Redmond of Konstantinov. Konstantinov was better than Lindstrom. {He is not a nice person. Do not let him date your sister. Don't let him date your brother. Don't let him operate heavy machinery. He can play hockey very well.} I hope he learns quickly not to hit the head. I hope no one gets hurt permanently before he learns. He gets much, much harder starts than Hedman. GF% = 57.9% (top-20 for all players)
  3. Hampus Lindholm, Anaheim: 5g, 21a (1st for rookie-D). GF, 5-on-5 close = 59 (1st by 8 goals for all players). SF% = 54.9% (top-25). Had easy starts but rather tough competition. A little less than 20'min/gm.
  4. Danny DeKeyser, Detroit: I like him. I might be biased. 2nd in TOI for rookies. Horrible CF%-rel of -4.3%. Excellent GF%-rel of +6.5%(30th among all players). I probably should choose Maatta, but I'm not gonna.
  5. Nathan MacKinnon, Colorado: He's pretty good.
"Bastard-Jack" Adams Award:

Never before in my life have I cared one whit about this award, but then this year Babcock had this wonderful performance... and I still don't care. I never will care.

  1. Tom Kelly. Minnesota: Detroit had the best team in all of baseball for 5-6 years in the 80's and won 1 World Series. Minnesota never had one of the top-5 teams and yet they won 2 World Series. That's all.
  2. Erasmus. One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church: You know, he was right. Was right he know you. Right know you he was.
  3. Bebe Rebozo. CREEP: He wasn't even indicted.
  4. Vernors. Woodward Avenue: Aged 4 Years in Wood.
  5. Machiavelli. Unemployed, willing to relocate, can start immediately: He had skills. You try to write the stuff he wrote in the Middle Ages and still get yourself buried in consecrated ground.

{*Exhaustive research = reading the first two paragraphs on wikipedia.}

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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