The All-My Lifetime Red Wings Team

While we wait on Game 3, I thought it would be fun to share with you guys something I worked on over the past summer to pass the time between the draft and free agency. I took all of the guys that put on the Winged Wheel, and made the all-star team of them.

The main rule was that the players had to be judged by their play as Red Wings while I was alive. This explains why some guys like Probert and Primeau are not on the list. Both were great players who were Red Wings in my lifetime, but they either were at their best before I was born, or while not with the team. I was born on February 5, 1992. Right in the middle of the NHL season. I decided to use numbers from the entire 1991-92 season, since I don't want to dig around splits and stuff. So my cutoff was to judge from the 91-92 season to right now. I'll give my lines, and my reasoning.


14-Shanahan 19-Yzerman (C) 17-Hull

These guys each won a Cup or two with the team. The first two guys were no-brainers. Brett Hull is on this line because of being the "odd man out."

27-Kozlov 91-Fedorov 8-Larionov

Russian 5. Plain and simple. These guys were one of the main reasons we were able to get out of the Dead Wings era. Them and Yzerman

40- Zetterberg (A) 13-Datsyuk 96-Holmstrom

This is the more recent line. This was my all-time favorite line featuring the Eurotwins. And Homer gave them some grit and a netfront presence like none other.

18-Maltby 33-Draper 25-McCarty

Is there any way I could do my all-lifetime team without including an iteration of the Grind Line? Maltby and Drapes were Grind Line mainstays. I was stuck between DMac and Probert as the fighter. I decided that since McCarty spent more of my lifetime on the team and won Cups with us, he was on the team.

93-Franzen 20-Lapointe

Franzen for now. He did do pretty well in our back-to-back Finals runs. The last scratched forward goes Marty Lapointe. I think he got a bad rap because he went to Chicago, but he was an important part of those 97 and 98 Cup Winners.

Honorable Mentions: Ciccarelli, Sheppard, Primeau, Probert


5-Lidstrom (A) 77-Coffey

Paul Coffey was a tough call to make, but when you look at his numbers with the team, he was really really good. Imagine this pairing in real life though... beautiful.

16-Konstantinov 28-Rafalski

These guys would be pretty good together. Vladdy the muscle and Rafalski the puck-mover.

54-Kronwall 24-Chelios

A really solid, hard-nosed pair. Honestly the defense was probably the easiest to come up with. I just really wanted Schneider on the team as well.


Of course, Murph is the scratched guy eating dollar dogs upstairs.

Honorable Mentions: Schneider, Fetisov, Fischer




An all-time great hall-of-fame lock and the guy that won a bunch of Cups with us. Easy choices. No Manny Legace. Plus Ozzy can recite the greatly missed Volunteer Energy commercials with Drapes on the bench.

Honorable Mentions: Vernon, Howard

And there's the team. Let's see if we can get a discussion going? Did I completely miss anyone? Did I get it completely right? What current players have the possibility of making this team, and who would they replace?

Let me know what you think.

Also, I'm sorry if this read like a half-assed Bleacher Report article, but this is a fan post, what do you expect?

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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