I love you, Kyle Quincey.

Jared Wickerham

And I don't care who hears me say it. Except that I do. Because I want every Wings fan to. And I want Kyle Quincey to. And, well, dammit, I want every player who has, will, wants to, or might consider donning the Winged Wheel to hear it. Right. Now.

So that's one mortal internet sin committed, here's the next: I'm going to ask for restraint and reflection when addressing one's opinions of Ken Holland and the Red Wings management to the rest of the hockey world right now. That is not to say I'm advocating shilling for them or that I personally hold anything close to a favorable assessment of their undertakings yesterday and in the days leading up to it. Quite the contrary. But even more disturbing and disappointing to me,as a fan or the Club, is just what an echo chamber of over-the-top vitriol the fanbase became, each attempting to outdo the other in lambasting management as some simpering, impotent grab-assery unfit to manage the graveyard shift at a local diner.

But the Samuelsson deal! But the Cleary debacle! B-b-but 2012! Franzuhossa! BLAAAAAARGH

Yes, let's be clear: Ken Holland and the front office management have made mistakes. Plenty. Ken Holland may not be the best man for the job as Hockeytown GM at this point. But let's also be very, very clear about something: when your hyperbole reaches the heights that suggest he's not done a positive thing in years you send a series of rather insupportable and lamentable messages to the other members of the Club, who, don't forget are there in one way or another by his doing. Going quite so far as declaring Ken Holland grossly incompetent or shouting from the inter-rooftops that "Ken Holland sucks!!!11" implies rather succinctly that you think they suck. When you say he hasn't done a damn thing to improve the team since the lockout, you tell Danny DeKeyser we're better off without him. You say quite clearly to the prospects in GR and elsewhere we don't see potential there.

So, go ahead, lay into Ken Holland a bit. Criticize his mistreatment of two very poor offseasons. Talk about how he's frustrated some of the young talent with his dedication to veterans. Being a fan carries the right to criticize as well as support. But in this and all things, while executing your rights you're responsible for abusing them, too. In my opinion, declaring DRW-apocalypse and the eminent buffoonery of Ken Holland is going too far.

I mean, shit, I don't love Quincey love Quincey, but if he's gonna put on that uniform, I'm gonna support him cuz constantly bashing him or even the people who brought him here sure as shit won't help his play improve, and do I want him to fail here? Do I want his chances for success lowered to whatever degree a lack of fan support can lower them?

I'm not telling you how to be a fan, but as a fellow fan of this team I do feel a certain impulse to call out other fan behaviors, especially when I think they begin in the spirit of constructive review and spiral into the realm of manic hysteria. Or maybe I feel compelled to at least counter-balance them with a touch of esprit de corps. So, do your thing, or OVERdo your thing, as you must. Meanwhile, I'll do mine, which is to continue my utterly heartfelt and utterly irrational love for Kyle Quincey, member of the Detroit Red Wings. Along with the rest of them.

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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