Things aren't as bad as they seem!!

Now that I've calmed down with yesterday's shenanigans, I started thinking again.

I started to wonder, maybe the Kyle Quincey signing is a move that gives us more leverage to make a trade for a top 4 defenseman AND dump off Jakub Kindl in the process? Mike Green from the Washington Capitals comes to mind. Sure it's a rather large cap hit but his contract is up this year so it wouldn't kill us. Plus I think we could get away with not giving up a kid too because Washington just got Matt Niskanen which means there's less wiggle room for Green AND he has been less than stellar. Pair him with a defensive minded guy like Ericsson maybe that could help him get his game back and put up another 50+ point season. Plus, if he has a good season, we could even maybe resign him. Who knows?

We still have the other targets in Tyler Myers, Keith Yandle, Jeff Petry, etc. I would absolutely love to see Detroit land Oliver Ekman-Larsson but I know that's farfetched. Even if Detroit did trade, I would be ok with parting ways with one of the defenseman prospects. Simple because there's four that are NHL ready and we still have young guys on the NHL roster now who will be there for awhile. I just don't see any logical room in keeping all four of these kids. I hate to see a kid who can do well in the NHL be ruined because of too much depth on a team. Maybe Alexei Marchenko could be packaged with Kindl and a pick for Myers.

Another part of me is thinking internally with the kids. I would not be surprised to see Ryan Sproul or Xavier Ouellet crack the roster this season. Maybe even passing Kindl (if he isn't traded) and Brian Lashoff in the process. I'd like to see Sproul because well, he's my favorite prospect, and his offensive ability is absolutely uncanny. He could be to us as Torey Krug is to Boston this season, but better. AND with room to grow. I could absoultely see Sproul being the answer to our power play problems with his howitzer of a right-handed shot. Sure his defense needs work but he shows flashes of brillance with it unlike Krug who looks a little lost in his own zone at times. I think putting Sproul with Smith or even Quincey would be a good move to make if he does end up cracking the roster this year. Maybe we'll get lucky and Kindl will be traded so then Ouellet AND Sproul come up for good!

A lot of people are talking about how it's "the end times" in Detroit and that Holland needs to be fired blah blah blah. I disagree completely with all of that. First off, take a look at Grand Rapids, they're fucking stacked (I rosterbate almost every day to it, in all honesty). Second off, this team isn't as bad as everyone is making it out to be. We squeaked into the post season last year because injuries absolutely crippled us. 416 man games missed. 416. Guys like Stephen Weiss, who can put up 50-60 points, will be coming back and will help contribute. Plus, Weiss being back will allow Z and Pasha play together and that's magic within itself. If Detroit can stay healthy, which I believe we can this year, we can contend in the Eastern Conference with this current roster. That's also if we don't trade for a top 4 defenseman. Will we be a powerhouse yet? No. There are still pieces that need to be put into place for that to happen. Mainly being the kids transitioning from the AHL to the NHL. But that will come in due time.

Building off of that, we are not far behind the Tampa Bay Lightning and Montreal Canadiens talent wise. Plus you saw what we did to the Anaheim Ducks and Chicago Blackhawks two years ago. I have absolutely no doubt that we can turn on the afterburners like that again and tear it up in the East. That would help immensely get us back on the map for free agents. Last season seemed worse than it is because we were completely broken down. I don't think that will be a case this season and we will contend for the top of the Atlantic Division.

The more I think about it, the more excited I get. Holland can get the job done in my eyes even if he has made a couple of boneheaded mistakes. He's only human after all. I also think Babcock will extend his contract and stay with us. If you disagree and you want to sit and fume in negativity all the time, by all means, I'm not stopping you. You do whatever you feel like but I'm not changing my viewpoint on Holland and jumping on the "Let's crucify Holland!" train. Fuck that. I love the Detroit Red Wings. They will always have my support no matter what. And it's only up from here with them.

The future is bright in Hockeytown.

This is a fanpost written by a WIIM community member. The views and opinions expressed here are that member's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site itself.

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