Graham Hathway

Saint Winged Wheel

I'm Graham, and I'm a guy born and raised in Toronto who discovered the Wings in the late '80s to the disappointment of my Maple Leaf-loving father. When I was 25, I decided I needed to put myself through more misery by moving to Chicago and immersing myself among Blackhawk fans. The Red Wings have a place in my heart bigger than almost anything, with the exception of my family and closest friends.


Predators at Red Wings: Second Period Thread


I wonder what would happen if Chris Hansen was cast as one of the brothers in Slap Shot 3. Would he secretly videotape his teammates and their road-trip shenanigans before putting on the foil to...

Take These Broken Wings. Please


The Red Wings blew another 2-0 lead. At what point does this become unacceptable to the coaching staff and management?

Blue Jackets at Red Wings: Third Period Thread


I was going to go with a funny story, but I'm still a little shaken up by Artem Anisimov. I just hope he's ok. Comment like it's a hockey game and there's more important things in life. In other...

Blue Jackets at Red Wings: Second Period Thread


I've always been partial to teams with colours in their names. I don't know why. Obviously we have the Red Wings, but I'm also a Blue Jays fan (stop laughing). I think because the colour is part of...

A Match Made In Heaven?


Brian Lashoff has been good in his debut with the Red Wings. Could he form the next great Red Wing pairing with Brendan Smith?

Red Wings at Predators: Third Period Thread


My daughters are learning about dinosaurs, so naturally the conversation turns to which one is their favourite. My oldest, who is a little more demure, says she likes the triceratops because it...

Red Wings at Predators: Second Period Thread


No funny anecdote or story today. My baby is sick, and is day-to-day with an upper body injury. Somehow the Wings are only down 2-1 despite half the team getting hurt. Comment like you overpaid...

Analysis: Red Wings After 15 Games


Looking at the Red Wings after 15 games and analyzing trends that are developing.

Red Wings Lose To Wild 3-2


The Red Wings played part of a game. Too bad their opponents showed up for the whole 60 minutes.

Red Wings at Wild: Third Period Thread


Have you ever wondered where the phrase "go buck wild" came from? I assume it's to do with horses or bucking broncos or something like that. But the word "buck" has always made me chuckle when I...

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