Hump Day Open Thread

Shorter writeup today. Less bullshit, more open threadiness. Sorry, the asterisk is stupid. I just put it there because of the "if necessary" thing below. I hate seeing asterisks without...

Playoffs Open Thread: Monday Night

Quick geography lesson I learned today: According to Google, Kansas is 200 miles away from Kansas City. Thanks! Metropolitan Division 1/4 Semifinals - Game 3: Pittsburgh Penguins at C...

Saturday Playoffs Open Thread

Happy Saturday, Wings fans. Sleep well? I know I did. Central 2/3 Semifinals - Game 2: Chicago Blackhawks at St. Louis Blues - 3:00pm(St. Louis Leads 1-0) Television: NBC, CBC, RDS SB...

NHL Playoffs Night 2: Open Thread

Tonight we've got Four games: Metropolitan Division 2/3 Semifinals - Game 1: Philadelphia Flyers at New York Rangers - 7:00pm Television: CNBC, TSN, RDS, CSN-PH, MSG SB Nation Blogs P...

Opening Night Open Thread: Let's go Playoffs!

The Playoffs are finally here! Granted, we've got another two days until the Wings play, but at least you've got hockey to watch tonight rather than waiting for NHL Network to air the draft...

Saturday Scoreboard Watch - Open Thread

Last open thread of the regular season for us today. Join along.

Relaxation Station: Open Thread

You don't have to care about the games tonight.

Monday's Scoreboard Watch: Go Flames

Ugly night on the hockey schedule, this one.

Sunday Scoreboard Watch

Only one game has any meaning for the Wings today. We'll be watching.

Scoreboard Watchin'

It's an open thread. Let's do it.


Open Thread Bonanza: Interesting Games!

Last night was a snoozefest. Tonight we'll have plenty to watch.

Monday Scoreboard Watch: Open Thread

After an exciting weekend of Red Wings' hockey, we've got a couple days off to rest, recuperate, watch baseball and I guess root against New Jersey? What an ugly schedule tonight. Take your...

Scoreboard Watch Open Thread

Tonight we're Flyers fans and I guess I'm ok with that.

Trade Deadline Open Thread

Join us for an open thread on the NHL trade deadline.

Thank you TPH (New Shirt)

From the same folks that brought you the WIIM Hockeystad shirt (an excellent purchase choice during the Olympics, I might add), we've got a new design ready to go live. Head over to our Shirt...

NHL Buyouts: Post-Lockout Contract Warning

I'm sorry, but the player you referenced signed his contract after the end of the 2012 NHL Lockout. Somebody linked you here to help you learn so they don't have to explain it again. That means...

[Updated] WIIM Design Contest: Get the Winner Here

After a week and a bunch of great entries, we found a winner for our Winter Classic Ticket Contest.

24/7 Leaked Scene: A Look at Phaneuf

Our spies were able to infiltrate HBO and get their hands on a leaked scene from next week's episode of 24/7. Read on to find out what we know.

Win Your Way to the Winter Classic

Announcing our WIIM Shirt Design contest. The winner will receive a ticket to the 2014 Winter Classic. Details inside.

Cyber Monday Deal: 15% off WIIM Shirts

Get your Me Gusta(v) and Hockeystad shirts for 15% off today only.

Update: Text-to-Donate for the kids

Text KIDS to 89544 to donate. read for details

For the children

The H2H3 Pledge Drive is about to start playing the games that matter leading up to the Winter Classic. It's a tradition worth keeping.

The Michigan Sports Business Conference - 10/18/13

I participate in a conference based on the business side of sports, held at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Season Primer: Kronwalling

If you've paid attention to any of the bloo bloo crybaby whining coming from people who aren't fan of the Red Wings or Swedish people or America or freedom or puppies or even the feeling of love,...

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