Getting To Know the NHL Rulebook

Everything you ever wanted to know about the NHL Rulebook

NHL Rulebook: Intent to Blow


Yes, in fact, there ARE legitimate cases for the infamous "Intent to Blow" rule.

NHL Rulebook: Goalie Penalties, Discipline


Goaltenders hardly ever serve their own penalties, but they're still capable of taking them. Also read about Rule 28 on supplemental discipline.

NHL Rulebook: Awarded Goals and Delayed Penalties


Scoring without scoring and too many men in the penalty box highlight this rulebook post.

NHL Rulebook: Penalty Shots 3


Honestly, you'll probably never see some of these rules in action, but don't you want to look smart when they do happen now that I jinxed it?

NHL Rulebook: Penalty Shots 2


A team's already broken the rules and now there's a penalty shot. What happens if further rules are broken while a penalty shot is happening? Find out here.

NHL Rulebook: Penalty Shots


Part 1 of penalty shots covers the procedures from the call and placement of the puck at center ice to the actual shot attempt.

NHL Rulebook: Game Misconducts Cont'd


We finish Rule 23 on Game Misconducts.

NHL Rulebook: Matches and Misconducts


More subsections on the different ways referees can punish players who've been very naughty.

NHL Rulebook: Major Penalties


The next rulebook post takes a look at the consequences of major penalties and what can happen in some particularly strange circumstances.

NHL Rulebook: Coincidental Penalties


One of the more convoluted sections of the rulebook, we try to not get you more confused.


NHL Rulebook: Minor Penalties


Minor penalties, bench minors, and double-minors, Oh my! We cover the nuances and other situations associated with minor penalties.

NHL Rulebook: Delayed Penalties


Ever wonder what happens if the other team scores on a delayed call when you're already shorthanded? What about if your team takes more than one penalty? We have answers for you right here.

NHL Rulebook: Goalie Equipment


We finish off our commentary on Section 3 of the Rulebook dealing with equipment. Goalie equipment, illegal equipment, and pucks are left on the agenda.

NHL Rulebook: Hockey Sticks 3


Coaches can request stick measurements before penalty shots and shootout attempts. The price is high if they're wrong though.

NHL Rulebook: Hockey Sticks 2


Did you know a goal can't be disallowed even if the referees measure the goal-scorer's stick and find it to be illegal?

NHL Rulebook: Hockey Sticks


In which we cover a lot of details about hockey stick sizing, and I complain about the wording of the rulebook!

NHL Rulebook: Jersey Time!


In which I don't find anything in the rules about tucking jerseys in.

NHL Rulebook: Injuries


Hockey's a violent sport. Players get hurt. What do the rules say happens when players get hurt? Find out here.

NHL Rulebook: Captains and Starters


Ever wonder what the Captain's privileges are? What about what happens if Randy Carlyle puts the wrong starting lineup out on the ice? Find out here.

The Rulebook: Who's allowed to play?


Think you can write NHL rules better than the NHL can? Read and comment with your input.

The Rulebook: Goals, Lights, and Benches


We finish Section 1!

The Rulebook: Creases, Trapezoids, and Ice Crews


The rules dictate that you should probably text KIDS to 85944 to donate $5 to the Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation. Then you can finish reading up on Rule 1 about the rink.

The Rulebook: Rink Dimensions


You ever wonder what the rink measurements and the size of everything on the ice are? Find out here.

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