Tough Enough?


Should the Red Wings give Riley Sheahan tougher minutes to start this season just because he did so well when sheltered last year? Let's discuss and get your thoughts.

Loyalty to Team or Player?


The UFA rush is mostly over, and if you're the type of hardcore hockey fan that reads hockey blogs in late July, you know that means it's officially now RFA season. Sure, most of the guys who don't...

I Want To Believe


Mike Babcock says the words we want to hear, but do they mean anything?

Red Wings & the Media


The Wings' media has become an interesting story in itself lately. The Production Line's Michael Petrella digs into why.

The Crossroads


Time's running out on the Red Wings' story and it's come to the point where the playoff streak may be more problem than it's worth.




Should I Trade or Should I Go Now?


More cautious rosterbation from WIIM as we continue to wait for the offseason to end.

It Ain't Easy


The diggers are bored and continue to guess about trade partners. Let's take a look at the one who is tops on Ansar Khan's wishlist now.

Fixing what's broken


The Wings have a new challenge ahead of them in the wake of the realization that they're not a destination team. The decisions made now will impact them for years to come.


NHL Free Agency: Red Wings Reactions


There has been a running joke around Detroit that Ken Holland would retire the day after Nicklas Lidstrom did. It's a safe bet that there are a lot of Wing fans wishing that Holland had done just...

Thank you, drive thru


Free agency starts on July 1st, and the ensuing mayhem is usually quite exciting and/or terrifying. For many fans who are the type to read blogs like this, you're already a die-hard. You know every...

The Monster Jam


Detroit brought back a goaltender when they didn't need to.

How Much can they Spend?


Information from the first day of the NHL buyout period has the Wings sitting on a lot of options and plenty of time to decide where they'll go. In the meantime, we'll look at where they stand.

Playing the Ville-ain


The Red Wings should trade for one of their most hated alumni.

Dance Party


Which songs should they play at the Joe next season when certain Red Wings players score? We've got you covered.

Ready or Not, Here Comes Ryan Sproul


I think it's time we embrace Ryan Sproul's lethal offensive aptitude..

Rumor Roundup


We're into a kind of doldrums for hockey right now and are going to be there for another couple weeks. The Cup Final continues to help spell the boredom, but until at least the draft (June 27th &...

Almost Gone?


Will Adam Almquist's future be with the Wings?

Seeing the Future


Three rounds up; three rounds down. Just one more to go. Despite the fact that there were only two series to predict in the third round, the WIIM staff kind of went tits up here. Not a...

Ombudsman Part 2: Fun in the Room


We follow up on last week's post with a related gripe about what we saw out of the Wings' last season.

Offseason Evaluation: Tatar/Andersson/Nyquist


The former "Griffins Line" is analyzed.

I've got Class out the ... Backside


An open letter to hockey fans crying about classiness.

Ombudsman Time


What happens if one of the Red Wings' biggest strengths as a team isn't quite as strong as we thought?

Who's Ready For A Promotion?


The Red Wings look to improve their defensive core by promoting from within, but who will get promoted?

Which Way to Go?


The Wings have to do something on defense this offseason. We'll explore two of the biggest options.

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