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MLive: Wild Owner Reveals Realignment?

"Minnesota Wild owner Craig Leipold might have let the cat out of the bag during a radio interview. He told KFAN of Minneapolis that the Wild would be in the Central Division along with Winnipeg, Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, Dallas and possibly Columbus" He does not even mention Detroit in this potential new Central Division. Who knows how much he is involved in the process or if he was simply throwing teams out there. The piece says Leipold's tone made it seem likely. I think this is a positive sign, but it can only be taken as basic rumor...but a good one for sure if, like me, you want the Wings in the East

Nostalgia: The Lost Season

A nostalgic look at the 2005 NHL lockout that lost the league an entire season.

What NHL Writers are Saying About the Wings

The Detroit News ran a collection of paragraphs from NHL writers around North America about the Red Wings. Some pretty interesting stuff. I had a good chuckle at the obvious jealousy and sour grapes from the Columbus writer.


Detroit Red Wings: In Ozzy We Trust

I wrote an article on Bleacher Report about Chris Osgood and how he has proven to us that he is a goalie we should all believe in from now on and why he is the perfect goalies for the Red Wings....

Please Put What You Can In The Hat The Ushers Are Passing Around...

I don't know how many Wings fans know that Marian Illitch also owns Motor City Casino, one of the three casinos in Detroit. But this item that crossed the Bloomberg wires bears mentioning... M...

NHL To Wings: No ASG? Enjoy Your Suspension!

Last year, Gary Bettman told the GMs that he was laying down the law when it comes to the All-Star Game: If you're invited but say you can't come because of "injury," you have to miss either the...


Wings don't travel as far as you'd guess

The Detroit Red Wings schedule isn't as difficult as one would originally guess. The Forechecker straightens it all out.


WIM on ESPN the Mag's Website

ESPN the Magazine asked "five questions on key issues this season on the ice" and posted "a variety of answers from league observers." The league observers were all hockey bloggers including...


Experiment No Longer

  Just months after being named interm GM's in place of the fired Doug Armstrong, Brett Hull and Les Jackson have signed contract extensions that will run through 2011. While Jackson is the...

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