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GDT: Wings vs. Ducks

The Detroit Red Wings (4-1-1) take on the defending Stanley Cup champs tonight in Anaheim. The two teams last played on October 3rd when the Wings won their season opener in the shootout.

The Ducks are currently 2-4-1 after struggling upon their return from opening the season in London, England. Last night, the team lost their fourth game in five games.

The Ducks will try to rebound from Sunday's 2-0 loss to Minnesota, another team they eliminated from the playoffs on the way to the Cup. It was Anaheim's fourth loss in five games.

"That's going to be the thing with us this year," Ducks defenseman Sean O'Donnell said. "When you win the Cup, every team we play - when we come to town or when they come here - it's going to be their 'statement game.' We're kind of the measuring stick against other teams now. So I'm sure we're going to get every the other team's best effort every single time. We've just got to push ourselves and rise above that."

The game starts tonight at 10pm (EST) and will be shown on FSD.

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