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Detroit calls up Grigorenko

Usually when an NHL team calls up a player from its AHL affiliate, the team either likes what it sees in that player or the injuries are piling up and they just need a body in that roster spot.

Well, you can't really say that with Igor Grigorenko.

Grigs has a clause in his contract with the Red Wings stating that if he's been in Grand Rapids (Detroit's AHL affiliate) for three weeks, he can head back home to Russia. Well, his three weeks were up and the Detroit management asked for him to stay in Grand Rapids for a little longer. He said no. So should they send him back home or give him a shot in Detroit? Management sided with giving him a shot despite the fact that he has notched zero points in his five games in Grand Rapids. In fact, he has a -1 rating and four PIM.

Johan Franzen has been recovering from a strained MCL and has started to practice with the team while avoiding the contact drills. The team put him on injured reserved so Grigorenko can be placed on the Wings roster. Once Franzen is back (and I'm guessing his delay will be slightly delayed with the whole Grigorenko situation), a player will have to be sent down to Grand Rapids. Will it be Aaron Downey? Matt Ellis? Grigorenko?

I don't think Grigorenko has proven himself worthy to even get another shot. Especially since Downey and Ellis have shown their hard work and actually done something meaningful in the NHL, while Grigs has struggled in the AHL.

It doesn't sound like Detroit is impressed and I have a feeling Grigs needs to have some outstanding play for him to stay on the team. And once he goes back to Russia, the Wings are done with him.

"We've had four or five weeks evaluating him, and certainly he hasn't wowed us," Holland said. "Speed is a real question and a real concern. He's been average." ...

"The agent told me he has no interest in Grand Rapids," Holland said. ...

"I look at this as our one shot," Holland said. "If things don't work out, I don't anticipate us heading down this path a year from now."