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GDT: Wings vs. Capitals

Alexander Ovechkin will make his debut Monday night in Detroit when the Washington Capitals (13-18-2) come into town to take on the Detroit Red Wings (23-6-3) at 7:30pm.

The Capitals are at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings with only 28 points in 33 games played.

Tomas Holmstrom says that he will be back in time for Monday's game after missing the last couple of games due to a sore knee.

Dominik Hasek should get the start in net.

Go Wings!

P.S. Updates will resume after Wednesday's game. In the last week and a half, I have had 3 exams, 1 paper, 1 project, and have worked over 60 hours. I've been a bit busy, which is why all you have seen of late has been the Game Day Thread posts and I would like to sincerely apologize.