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Recap: Wings 6, Kings 2

The Detroit Red Wings easily defeated the LA Kings, 6-2, last night at Joe Louis Arena.

WIM favorite Niklas Kronwall notched a career-high four assists in the victory. Maybe it's just me, but I thought I saw him take more and higher quality slapshots from the blue line, particularly during the power play and those slapshots became assists.

"I'm hoping he's got it figured out," coach Mike Babcock said. "The reason he got four assists tonight was he shot the puck, so that's a great thing. He's a really talented kid. It's got to be a confidence builder.

"In his career, with the amount of injuries he's had, if he can just keep playing, he's going to get better fast and make our team a lot better."

It was a game the Wings should have won as the Kings were at the bottom of the NHL while Detroit tops the league in points. Before last night's game, the Kings had just two players with a plus in the plus/minus rating. On Detroit's squad, only three players had a minus in the plus/minus rating. Polar opposites in that regard.

What's even more impressive about last night's game was that each of the six goals were scored by a different forward so while some players had multi-point games, none of them scored multiple goals.